Food | Marseille: local products for a successful New Year’s Eve

    Food | Marseille: local products for a successful New Year’s Eve

    Oysters, shrimps, clams, mussels, sea bream, poultry, cheeses, apples, mandarins, gingerbread … Yesterday afternoon, Place des Héros in Château-Gombert (13th), some latecomers were doing their last shopping to prepare their Christmas Eve meal. “I waited for the market to buy local. Even if it is sometimes more expensive than in supermarkets, we find it in taste! In this difficult context, I was keen to support small producers in our region, explains Nicole. For Christmas, the menu will be based around the sea with fish soup, oysters and salmon. We will have our feet in the water!

    In the center of the stalls, it is the fishmonger who displayed the biggest rib. Cédric, who fishes in Port-Saint-Louis, used to make shellfish trays. “The star is the oyster! Everyone asks for it, it remains the ultimate party product, he notes. People shop at the last minute to buy fresh produce. After the year we have just been through, these last days of sales are crucial. Moreover, before the confinement, I worked with wholesalers who resold to restaurateurs. We had to adapt and now I’m shopping. Finally, I promote my products better and create links.

    This exchange is exactly what pleases Elisabeth, a new follower of the market. “The products are fresh, we know where they come from and we are given cooking tips!“As a result, she left with four sea bream caught the day before and a dozen oysters to please her husband, Paul.

    At the end of the square, in front of Françoise’s apples from the Alps, Sylvia and Alain offered gourmet gifts: fruit and flower jams, salty and sweet cookies and tempting shortbread in the shape of reindeer, moon and bear to satisfy the children. . “This year, many contracts were canceled so until the end, everything counts. We put on last minute attentions!

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