Food Production: the chicken and the pork were the odds

Production alimentaire: le poulet et le porc haché ont la cote

From the beginning of the crisis, there has been a marked increase in the interest towards the meat of Quebec. At least, in Meat from the farm, a large window and a matchmaker in the line between consumers and producers.

“It all began when we heard that it lacked toilet paper in the supermarket,” says Catherine Moreau, president and general manager of the Meat from the farm. The people said : “Is what I’m going to run out of food ?” We felt, as soon as this week, an increase of our orders and we asked a lot more questions. ”

Lively buzz

Used to manage 25 to 30 orders per week, the team had to be creative in order to meet the high demand that is high up to 250 orders a week. A bond can be dizzying, which has even led to the rental of warehouses to refrigerate various products.

Two of them have received greater attention from consumers in recent weeks.

If it sells well throughout the year, the chicken — including the largest partner is the Ferme des Voltigeurs in Drummondville — if is still distinguished. “All that is poultry remains to us a great “seller” because people will use it in many sauces, be it for a stir-fry with vegetables or grill on the barbecue, ” says Catherine Moreau.

The demand for the minced pork was also very important. “The ground pork with The Breton is also something that one has sold more in the last few weeks because maybe people are going to cook the pork, which is cheaper than beef,” she adds. And it is a local product. ”


Located in Repentigny, in Lanaudière, the company Meats the firm is expanding its delivery to Montreal, but also on the South Shore, a market that has grown significantly since mid-march, to the surprise of Catherine Moreau. The region of Quebec has also largely contributed to the development of the business.

Two and a half years after its creation, the company has grown from two to a dozen employees who put hand to the dough. It might still need to hire in the near future.

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Other companies to buy in bulk

Canabec, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures

Any lover of the game will be filled with a long list of products which are mixed ostrich, bison, deer, kangaroo and wild boar.


Meat at a discount, Quebec

Company offering a wide selection including the filet mignon, the duck, and even goat and horse.


Food C&K, Saint-Apollinaire

Here, one falls into the food known as ” top of range “. If one loosens the purse strings, you can opt for the filet mignons AAA aged 40 days.


Meats Highland, Ottawa

In one or other of the eight chests of the one dedicated to the weekend to the one intended for a carnivore, the beef is in the spotlight with diversity and quantity.

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