Food waste: Eat-Keepers to the rescue!

Gaspillage alimentaire: les Mange-Gardiens à la rescousse!

The era is food waste ? While we can not stop talking about the importance of responsible consumption, an amount is perplexing. It is estimated that québec households would squander on average between $ 1000 and 1785 $ of food per year.

For the environment group Friends of the Earth of Quebec, it is time to fill the ranks of the Eat-Keepers, those citizens who wonder about the waste that they generate in the hope of reducing their weight.

A good starting point for anyone who wants to try to describe it would be to read Save your food, a guide brimming with tips, solutions and recipes developed in this sense, as a “touski” au-gratin, crisp, soft fruits, or a smoothie empty fridge.

A peel to the times

A crucial first step in order to improve the footprint of its base ? The organization. The remains of lunch, rice, pasta, all these forgotten things in the freezer and jars of sauce on the bottom of the fridge deserves our attention.

“There is a large proportion of food waste that can be avoided right from the start just by the organization, by the way we place the food in the pantry and the fridge, in the little habits that are incorporated in the daily life as to take an inventory, make a list before grocery shopping, make a menu… “, explains the director of the project Save your food, Marianne Garnier.

But is it possible to save what has been purchased and brought back to the house ? “It can be, but does it necessarily want to ? A banana skin, this is not something that is particularly appetizing. You can make recipes with it, but it is important that people do not force themselves to eat things they did not want to eat. “

So why don’t we start with transformations that seem natural ? “Get the potato peelings to make chips or the same thing with the peels of apples, already there, it’s a little more appetizing as a banana skin. “

Beyond dates and appearances

In addition, with the Eat-Keepers, the expiry dates have a hard life. “People are afraid of being sick, and it places far too much importance to the date that simply wants to guarantee the freshness and nutritional qualities […]. We lost a little bit of the judgment in relation to the appearance of food. A fruit or a vegetable, it is amply able to see if it is too degraded to be eaten. There is no expiration date on a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It is to apply the same judgment on a yogurt or a sauce. “

According to Marianne Garnier, ” we are quite obsessed with the appearance of things. “Yet, she says, we can try to recover the maximum amount of foods that have lost their luster by cutting the parts less good to keep only those that still have a value, for example.

This is just one of the ingenious ideas contained in the book of Save your food, now available in-store.

Save your food
641 pages”>

Save your food
641 pages


Emmanuel Bilodeau

Describing herself without embarrassment as a “wasting food” in the preface to the book of Save your food, Emmanuel Bilodeau did not hesitate to tackle one of its worst defects.

“The joke in the house is : “ah, this is not serious, it is compost super good…” This is no longer an excuse. “

The father of four children, the actor and comedian has made no secret that he turns it on sometimes the round corners in the life of every day. But this does not prevent it to be aware of the importance of small gestures. “If no one wasted, you could almost save the planet… It’s crazy ! “

Only, it shouldn’t take too much head. Just act. “Live, it pollutes the environment. It is necessary to stop to freak out, but at the same time, it is necessary to make efforts, because the balance sheet of the next few years is so poor, ” he says.

Broth, purée and smoothie

Although he was always afraid of running out of food, the artist wants to change some of the ways to eat at home. He buys less frequently and, most importantly, gives a second life to several foods such as kale or broccoli, little ragoûtants in concocting the broth.

“Now, I have for the quinoa to cook rice… All cooked normally in water cooked in vegetable broth. Otherwise, recipes for anti-waste, it is often the quinoa with everything in it. “

It also replaces the sugar with vegetables. “Often, if I still have the beets and sweet potatoes that are going to wilt, I make a purée,” he adds. I put it in my bread or my brownies. “

And what does he do when the hope of escape, and what is health is declining ? “I put everything in my smoothies, but there is no other person than me who can drink it. It’s disgusting. But I love to drink business health, it makes me happy. “

Broth for the vegetable peelings

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Curry empty-fridge

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Dumplings veg and tzatziki sauce

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Fruit crumble soft

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Chips from potato peels

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