Foot race: the union makes the force

Course à pied: l’union fait la force

The multiple cancellations of competitions in running, place the different organizers of events in Quebec in the same boat. An expert committee has therefore been formed to try to save what might remain of the season this fall and to see further into the future.

If the COVID-19 has completely changed the calendar of spring and summer, most of the great events of fall is for the moment maintained.

Difficult to guess what will be the situation in a few months, but one thing is for certain, if these races resist really with this storm, they will need to be presented in a different format than what the riders have been accustomed to.

It is in this context, to assess both the present and the future racing competitions, a dozen organizers from across Québec have decided to come together to find solutions.

A first virtual meeting took place on Thursday and two other are planned in may.

“Thought is already to adapt our events fashion social distancing. The fact of bringing together different stakeholders will allow to share reflections on the good practices to adopt, ” said the executive producer Gestev, Marianne Pelchat.

Hand in hand

The small world of quebec to foot-race is formed of riders, friends, but also competitors in terms of event organizations. It is in this last aspect that it was important to leave the ego aside.

“We are competitors, but we are in favour of the union. It is a collegial and participatory. It’s going to be rewarding to share our visions. After that, each organization will apply new practices in light of its reality, but it will be a solid base to reassure our audience on the fact that the competitions will be able to come back safely “, believes Ms. Pelchat.

When is the return ?

If the last remains of the view that the marathon Quebec city, October 4, will be presented, as will other major competitions, others are less certain.

“There is still a lot of unknown, but I would be surprised that the big competitions come back this fall,” notes Daniel Riou, a kinesiologist by trade and founder of the Corporate Challenge.

“That said, there are still things that we can think in the short term. Departures with thousands of people in tank tops, crammed during the first 20 minutes of a race, it seems impossible to me in the months to come.

“While the world tries to adapt in different sports. If soccer is leaning towards matches of three against three and as tennis goes exclusively to singles play, it will be necessary to find a hybrid foot-race, between the races that we have known and the fact of running alone in its neighborhood “, image Daniel Riou.

A duty

The committee of experts will, therefore, have bread on the board in order to quickly find the best solutions, adhering of course to the instructions of the public safety.

“The sharing of knowledge at this stage, it is no longer just a wish, but a duty. It is our duty to all to find solutions to come up with plans, not only to prepare for the post-COVID, but for the for-COVID, ” concluded the one whose baby, the Corporate Challenge, was scheduled to perform this spring for its tenth edition.

Podcasts for runners

Marianne Pelchat
Executive producer, Gestev“>

Marianne Pelchat
Executive producer, Gestev

In these times of pandemic, many are those who dubiously claim to be riders and who would like to receive valuable advice. There are also many riders experienced who wish to hone their item of The two categories to find an answer to their questions with the podcasts I run Qc.

The umbrella body for five annual events, the race has launched its first two podcasts, thematic, and a third will be released next Friday. The three programs are for a duration of twenty minutes each.

In the first, the rider of trail and urltramarathonien Simon-Pierre Leblanc provides advice on physical training.

In the second, it is the sports nutritionist and runner within the club of the University of Laval, Isabelle Morin, who leans on good feeding practices.

For the final part to come, Yasmina Lahlou, a teacher in meditation, will address the aspect of mental health, to help each to keep morale high in times of stress.

“Our podcasts are a direct consequence of the COVID-19. It is a bit in the current trend of training and courses online “, points out Marianne Pelchat, executive producer at Gestev.

Through this initiative, I am running Qc wants, providing resources to riders, without falling into the tone academic.

“He is putting himself in the skin of the riders and we wonder what questions they are asking. The training and nutrition, it can quickly become scientific and mathematical, but our stakeholders remain light. They give concrete examples with a simple approach and teaching, ” says Marianne Pelchat.

Challenge virtual

Also, I am running Qc is currently in full in his challenge virtual, via his club on the race application Strava. The public is invited to join the club and choose a distance to go. Then, it is simply to share the challenge achieved with the club, which quickly grew from 100 to over 1,200 members.

“It is a way to encourage them to continue to move and to achieve its objectives in a context where it is not possible to hold the competitions originally planned. It allows you to stay the course, keep hope, ” said Marianne Pelchat.

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