Foot snake to “walk” near the Playground in Lviv (video)

The animal managed to capture on video.

Метрова змія "прогулялася" біля дитячого майданчика у Львові (відео)

Near the Playground in Lviv, crawled a huge snake.

As reported by the Rus.Media, it scared the local residents.

Students took the snake on video and said that at first she crawled to him and then started to run. Children were not scared, and parents worry – has repeatedly requested that the housing Department had cut the thicket near the Playground, but in vain.

“If this is so, then nothing terrible, as if some poisonous snake, it is terrible, because the consequences are dire. As far as we know, in clinics and hospitals, there is no serum against poisonous vaccines,” says Natalia wojtowicz.

Reptile in this area see for the first time. Two weeks ago, the kindergarten security guard noticed the snake. It was a lunchtime sleep, children on the street was not, so they were not afraid. Then it was caught, he escaped before the arrival of specialists-zoologists.

Zoologist confirmed that in the video it already – just great. This is indicated by the shape of the tail. Despite the size and even the loud hissing of reptiles, the expert advises not to be afraid, not to panic and to wait until the snake upolzet in a safe place.

“The snake never itself you will not attack. And chase you. Run is not necessary. Of course, if you chase the snake, banging a stick or a stone – anything can happen,” explains associate Professor in the Department of Zoology of Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko.

The fact that snakes appear in the city, says an expert testifies the good condition of the environment. But vigilance is not to lose, because in Lviv saw not only the snakes in the spring near the kindergarten has caught a poisonous snake.

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