Football during the war: “the WORLD” show drama “the Match”

PHOTO : still from the film “Match”


Lives for their country, but not on the battlefield but on the football. During the great Patriotic war, in 1942, the players of Kiev “Dynamo” had to go against the soldiers of the German army. This meeting went down in history as “Match of death”. More – in the material correspondent of the TV channel “MIR 24” Anna Purpura.

The famous feat of the players of Kiev “Dynamo” became the basis for the film “Match” with Sergey Bezrukov in a leading role.

In 1942, the Nazis struck in Kiev. To the front the volunteers are sent and the players of the Ukrainian Dynamo, but soldiers of them failed. The ball they own is better than a rifle, and in the first battle are captured, but even in the camp do not leave the game. The ball is curled blood-soaked bandages.

In the besieged Kiev, the German command tried to create the illusion of a peaceful life. Let’s turn to sports. It was decided to organize the championship in football. For such cases, players were released from the concentration camps. In one of the teams called “Start” was played by athletes of Kiev “Dynamo”.

“In today’s match meets a team of “movement” and their opponent – the team Start representing the bakery number 1″, says the announcer in the film.

On the field they were not equal: beat Ukrainian nationalists, Hungarians. It was the turn of the main opponents of the German team “Flakelf”, the most powerful of the occupation forces. In it consisted of the pilots and gunners of the best parts of the German air force. It’s a battle to lose the Nazis could not.

The prototype of the hero of Sergei Bezrukov – the goalkeeper of Kiev “Dynamo” Nikolai Trusevich. 33-year-old well-known athlete, winner of the Championships of the Soviet Union. Smiling and brave man who was not afraid to give their lives for the common victory.

“There are things to die for. I’ll play, let our in the stands to see that they can be beat. Victory will be ours”, says the character is required.

For the victory, the players gave their lives, but gave all the others hope for freedom.

“Match” on TV channel “MIR” will be held on 7 may. Drama about the heroism of the players, “Match”, watch tonight at 22:50 on channel “MIR”.