Football journalist drugged and robbed in Moscow taxi

Футбольного журналиста усыпили и обокрали в московском такси

Football browser the BBC drugged and robbed in taxis in Moscow, Interfax reported, citing an informed source.

“On Friday in law enforcement bodies of Moscow with the statement for loss of personal belongings and money turned a British citizen born in 1974, who arrived in Moscow as correspondent of the BBC for coverage of the world Cup,” – said the source.

It is noted that the victim explained that on the night of 5 to 6 July, he took a taxi from the Bolshoi theatre, where he was offered coffee. A British citizen drank coffee, lost consciousness, and woke up at the metro station “Dinamo” without a mobile phone and Bank cards. With card browser BBC was scrapped over 500 pounds, and the total damage amounted to about a thousand pounds. Now being a wanted criminal.

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