Football Quebec has a recovery plan in 7 steps

Football Québec présente un plan de relance en 7 étapes

Football Quebec has submitted its recovery plan in seven steps, on Wednesday.

“We looked at what was happening, and we have also worked in conjunction with Football Canada, mentioned the director-general Mathieu Joyal. In all this reflection, we have prioritized the health and safety of players while being logical. It also wants to bring back the youth on the ground. It is very difficult to cut the sport to young people and we feel. “

“The steps may change in the course of the journey, to continue Joyal. The recommendations are not very clear, but the directives they receive from the public health are not very clear, which is normal. We warned everyone that they would send guidelines and recommendations at each step within a maximum period of 24 hours after public health has given us the green light. We are also draft guidelines to step 3. “

After the football to the house, the resumption of training in small groups and the team’s training without contact are steps two and three. The fourth step provides for the resumption of training with contact and delivery of the equipment. Football Quebec would be ready to push back the delivery of the equipment if public Health believes that it is preferable.

“To allow the contact, we will need a relaxation on the rule of two meters, has recognized Joyal. We could perform steps three and four at the same time, but we could also return to step two. We are in the nothingness for the moment. All options are on the table. “


Joyal holds out hope that there will be a football season.

“The beauty of football is that the season should begin in late August or early September. When we have the green light, you should not waste time and take two to three weeks to fall down on our feet. The engine should not stall at the starting line. For the moment, we think it’s long, but we will find that it goes fast when we get the green light. It will be necessary to make any adjustments. “

The last steps

Steps 5, 6 and 7 concern, respectively, the return to competition intraéquipe with a contact ; the return to competitive inter-regional for regions permitted ; and finally the return of the provincial competitions usual.

“If we give the green light on the 1st of September to resume training with contact, one might be ready to start the season on the 1st of October, is estimated Joyal. You can’t throw young people in a situation without preparation. I prefer a schedule of four parts that zero. Stakeholders tell me that 30 % of young people could leave if there is no season. Will they be back after a year ? In addition to hooking young people to the school, the football and helps channel their energy. Football is a source of social development. ”

The great patron of the sports of canadian universities share

Graham Brown leaves his position of president and general manager of U Sport. Hired in October 2015, Brown did most of its functions since the beginning of the month of December.

The official version unveiled Tuesday afternoon by way of a press release from a public relations firm in Toronto is stitched in white threads and raises questions. The two parties exchange flowers, but no reason is mentioned to explain the departure of the number one of U Sports.

Given that the governing body of university sport in the country is not recognized for a swim in the money, it is rather surprising that it has retained the services of a box of public relations of the queen City instead of relying on the employees of the house.

All the world, to the permanence of Richmond Hill and within the board of directors was walking on eggshells about the status of the former boss when questioned in recent months.

“Personal leave “

By e-mail, the vice-chairman of the board of directors of U-Sports and director of sports at Mount Allison Pierre Arsenault answered a few questions while taking care to say the least. What are the reasons for the departure of Brown ? Was one of the things wrong with him ? He received his salary during his absence ?

“Graham has taken a personal leave in December 2019. I am not able to comment further on specific issues of this nature concerning the staff. This is not our policy to discuss confidential matters related to staff. “

Former chairman of the board of directors of U Sports, Dick White took over on an interim basis. Since retiring in 2015 while also holding the job of commissioner of the circuit’s hockey Canada West, White was director of sports at the University of Regina.

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