Football: the friendly matches pre-season allowed in South Korea

Seoul | football clubs in south korea may from Tuesday to play friendly matches behind closed doors, has announced the Federation of south korea, while no date has currently been set for the start of the season, already delayed by two months because of the epidemic of Covid-19.

South Korea was after China the second country most affected by the new coronavirus. But Seoul managed to reverse the trend, particularly through a strategy of mass screening of the population.

The epidemic has, however, upset, as elsewhere, the calendar, local sports, many federations have been suspended or delayed seasons sports.

Strong of the success recorded in the fight against the disease, the south Korean government announced this weekend that it would allow a resumption of matches in the open air, in closed session.

Monday evening, the professional Federation of football of Korea has, in turn, announced that starting Tuesday, its clubs would be authorized to organize friendlies.

No meeting has not yet been confirmed. And a spokesman for the K-league has said to the AFP that the exact timing was the subject of discussions between the clubs.

No support will be allowed in the stadiums, and the media attendance will be limited, said the federation in a press release.

As a precautionary measure, the players will not have the right to talk among themselves during the meetings. And they will not be able to shake the hand of the referees.

No date has currently been given for the start of the season, which was originally scheduled in February. But the south Korean agency Yonhap reported that a consensus seems to be to draw for a kick-off around mid-may.

South Korea has reported nine new cases on Monday, its fourth consecutive day under the bar of the ten new infections. In total, 10 of 683 people have been infected in South Korea, 237 of which have been unsuccessful.

The first matches of the pre-baseball season, one of the most popular sports in South Korea, will be held on Tuesday, sold out.

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