For all tastes: seven amazing bestsellers that are worthy of attention

Let these amazing pieces will enrich your inner world, will dispel the boredom, and hope for a better future.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

You’ll find seven amazing books that is able to satisfy the tastes of different readers. Among them, the last work of the eminent scientist, soulful story about love, magical novel about the many lives and a couple of intriguing and full of mysticism works, informs Rus.Media.

“Short answers to “big questions”, Steven Hawking

This book was a real balm for the soul for all fans of the works of one of the greatest scientists of XI century. “Short answers to “big questions” – the latest work of Stephen Hawking, published after the death of this remarkable man has inspired millions of people around the world. In his usual fascinating manner, He tried to give answers to pressing questions that haunt modern society. In the book you will find reasonable explanation of why it is so important to seek other planets. The last work of the talented and strong-willed person is not just short answers to comprehensive questions. It is a Covenant that calls us to open our minds to science and to join in unison to knowledge, to the stars, to life in all its manifestations.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“4321”, Paul Auster

A whimsical novel of a famous contemporary writer tells of the fate of one man. Every little detail can change the course of our lives, not only affecting the occupation, but also forming character. The plot in Oster exciting, and pleases the absence of templates, and from the very first lines fascinates the reader. The book breathes some magical magnetism, forcing us to plunge into the story. Inadvertently thinking about what could be your life, if one day to turn in the other direction. Where would you live? Loved one? Involuntarily POPs into my head “quo Vadis?”. Watching years of the main characters feel genuine interest and even fear for their fate, as if reading about myself. Magnificent epic novel gives food for thought. Undoubtedly, this work has the potential to become internationally recognized classics, adding a Treasury of fine literature.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“Confusion”, Elizabeth Jane Howard

Labor Howard are revered at home writer in England, but in the CIS countries, her work is little known. Fortunately, the situation is gradually improving and the Russian-speaking reader can now enjoy gpnotebook ease and sincerity with which the works of Elizabeth. This is the third part of the chronicle family Cazalet, detail reflects all the vicissitudes of the Second world war. In spite of all the horrors of bloody fighting, life always takes precedence: in the hearts of people are born not only hatred, but love. Worse than the surrounding world, the more acute emotions swirling around his head in the face of constant threats and uncertainty. The uncertainty of the future is able to drive crazy even the most calm and, but because in such times it is important to have support, which does not fall into the abyss of madness and all-consuming fear. And a support heroes are able to only give the closest, most native people.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“Don’t promise yourself to others,” Kerry Lonsdale

The third book of the series Everything (Everything we give – the original title of the novel) was good news for fans of Kerry Lonsdale. The writer won the fame of the author, who creates a fascinating prose about love and finding yourself. This work will tell us about the new troubles Yana Collins is a successful photographer. It would seem that his life changed: his beloved wife next to his work published in renowned journals, customers lined up to buy amazing shots Jan. Just do not give rest to the paintings on the walls of the café, which is owned by the dear wife. Wrote James Donato ex-boyfriend Aimee. Why she still won’t throw the damn stuff, and that awakens in the soul by Jan jealousy and anger? It was a little reminder of the past, as James suddenly came back into the city. Happy is the life of a young couple on the verge of collapse through the seemingly long-forgotten feelings?

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“Easting”, Alexey Ivanov

An extraordinary novel from the author of the notorious bestseller “the Geographer globe propyl.” Ivanov makes the reader nostalgic for a bygone era, which seemed full of hope for a brighter future. The action takes place in 1980-m to year, during the Olympics that took place in the USSR. However, the main heroes are not brave athletes, and pioneers from the children’s summer camp, in which lives an ancient evil. There, among normal children, vampires lurk, forced to adapt to the world of the living, eagerly searching for food for themselves. In the work by Ivanova wonderfully intertwined reality and mysticism. On the pages of his book unfolds a riveting performance, where life is opposed to death.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“Кайноzой”, Sergey Lukyanenko

The sequel to the popular novel “Кваzи” and the final part of the novels about a world where zombies reign. He Lukyanenko admitted that refers to the works of the risen dead with irony, but one day he was visited by the idea of a story about “zombie with a human face”. In this world live three kinds of creatures: ordinary mortals risen from the dead (blood-thirsty savages with primitive instincts) and кваzи zombie who has retained the mind and memory. The main character goes on a train from Moscow to St. Petersburg, becoming after the disaster in the capital кваzи. It soon becomes clear that a group of military (took the train quite healthy) mysteriously died, and now the hungry dead roam through the cars in search of food. Ironically, the process of rebellion is proceeding faster than normal. It is urgent to find out who was behind the horrible murders.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

“Time to chop the ice,” Chulpan Khamatova, Katerina Gordeeva

This book recalls the intimate conversation between two close friends. Chulpan and Katherine discuss not only the field of its activities (including drama), but important questions connected with the further destiny of our society. The book came out painfully truthful, she opens our eyes to the indifference and cruelty of the world. Of course, it is worth reading, because it is like an inoculation against evil.

На будь-який смак: сім дивовижних бестселерів, які варті уваги

Happy reading!