For him wrote Bunin, Kuprin and Chukovsky: how the printing carrier has become the largest publisher of provincial Newspapers

Для него писали Бунин, Куприн и Чуковский: как типографский экспедитор стал издателем самой крупной губернской газеты

For him wrote Bunin, Kuprin and Chukovsky: how the printing carrier has become the largest publisher of provincial Newspapers
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In the House of Navrotskiy housed the editorial office, printing office, reading room and office papers. Photo:

With five rubles in his pocket Vasiliy navrotskiy made flyer of funds from constipation solid publication with a large circulation.

“The lion newspaper” under the debris

Для него писали Бунин, Куприн и Чуковский: как типографский экспедитор стал издателем самой крупной губернской газеты

A former clerk from Kremenchug was in Odessa respected man. Photo:

“Odessa American,” “the lion newspaper” – the so-called Kremenchugskiy Vasyl Navrotsky, publisher and editor of one of the most popular Newspapers in Odessa – “Odessa leaf”. During the life of the iconic Odessa man was idolized, and then solemnly buried, and then could not find a weedy grave. Only recently, local journalists found the grave and decided to restore it. Recognized, this was not easy: first, enthusiasts found out what the plot rests Navrotsky, then combed the area in search at least a hint that there is a burial. Finally the fortune smiled: the large piles of garbage lay an overturned gravestone and a cross, and they almost erased the inscription: Navrotsky Vasyl Vasylyovych.

– We ten times in the second Christian cemetery walked and, as it turned out, walked past several times filled up with branches of the graves, recalls the Odessa journalist Vyacheslav Voronkov. – So I wandered around until I thought to dig nearly three-meter pile of debris.

To calculate the lost burial wanted for a long time, three years ago from France even came a descendant of Nawrocki, asked if he could help him find the grave of a relative. So he sent a letter with good news.

The area around Odessa “wordsmiths” ennobled, restored the old gravestone, next to put a new photo.

How not to honor such a person? Not the boss – the dream and the machine printed buy a lot of money, to facilitate the work of compositors, and feed free, and even in old age warms.

Become a star of journalism helped …rats

Vasily Navrotsky was born in Kremenchug in a noble family. The father served as a private officer, lived on rent from land, which grew wheat. Son gave the training in Poltava gymnasium, but to finish her Basil could not. Trouble – the rats came down in a wheat field and entirely destroyed the crop. Ruined Nawrocki Sr. sent the son to Odessa, where the guy errand boy in the printing office of Peter Francova.

A few years later – in 1873 – the editor and publisher of “Novorossiysk Telegraph” Alexander Serebrennikov has suggested Vasiliy Navrotskiy to acquire the newspaper “Odessa leaf” ad. Of course, to call this piece of paper was a bold – small “buy-sell” did not save the situation. For trading is Large, so why pay for a piece of paper? And quite a few is “proprietary” goods made, however, with all of Odessa grace. For example, the “Ideal laxative “PURGEN”. Delicious. Gently. Securely”.

The prospect to open a business was tempting, but in the pocket of Nawrocki has accumulated a total of 5 rubles. It was urgent to do something, and he came up, immediately went to commercial firms for gathering announcements. Newspapers have not been, and the future publisher has already collected 1500 roubles. And from sheet with the ads that were pasted on poles and fences, gradually was born the largest provincial newspaper of the Russian Empire under the name “Odessa leaf”.

Для него писали Бунин, Куприн и Чуковский: как типографский экспедитор стал издателем самой крупной губернской газеты

Nawrocki on his car even took journalists on a mission to stay ahead of the competition. Photo:

Shelter for old reporters

On its pages were printed local and international news, reports “time”, interviews, satirical stories, announcements, reviews of plays and concerts. The newspaper was the first to publish a tabloid scandal and public gossip, which, of course, is reflected on the print – it reached 20 thousands instances (not just hundreds!). For example, the sensation was the publication of the clergyman who is behind the chief of police had relations with his wife. The entire edition of this release has spread over a half hour. The editor allowed its journalists to choose the “victim” regardless of titles and regalia. After these revelatory articles have lost their jobs, the head of the Treasury, the Director of the theater, a couple of policemen and a few nobles and was forced to leave the city. For the growth of circulations and subscribers to the newspaper were not shy to write newspaper ducks and come up with news. While Nawrocki was invited to cooperate with famous writers and journalists such as Aleksandr Kuprin, Ivan Bunin, Maxim Gorky, Korney Chukovsky, Dmitry Minayev.

All to know and share with everyone – that was the motto of the editor. Vasily Vasilyevich whole life was devoted to the newspaper and its employees, he demanded the same. Never in 38 years of existence when it “Leaf” he came to the editorial office calm. Rapidly comes with a pile of Newspapers, letters, newspaper clippings, obbegat all staff to ensure that the process goes.

A handsome profit from newspaper owner is also allowed in the case – built a large mansion on Lanzheronovskaya, 8, which housed the editorial office and typography. In the same building opened a free reading room for all the subscribers of the newspaper. And in honor of the 25th anniversary of “Odessa leaf” he thought he could establish a home for the elderly and unable to work of journalists. In addition, their own money Vasily contained in the city’s soup kitchen for the poor workers of the printed word.

Для него писали Бунин, Куприн и Чуковский: как типографский экспедитор стал издателем самой крупной губернской газеты

In “Odessa sheet” printed and world news, and urban sensation, as well as reports, interviews, announcements and reviews. Photo:

The machine – earlier than the Emperor

By Nawrocki in Odessa in 1891 appeared the first in the Empire car. Even Emperor Nicholas II got a car a little later. Being a man fond of, the publisher saw in France the brave “Camberley” stroller brand Panhard & Levassor and was unable to forget her. Overseas technology has come all the way from Marseilles to Odessa on the boat.

Nawrocki, by the way, used the car for work – personally brought journalists and photographers on the scene much earlier than competitors. And then the car and all settled in the editorial garage.

Of the surviving eyewitnesses, it follows that each visit of a publisher was an event for the city. Ahead of Nawrocki fled hired a boy with a flag, belting out with all his strength, to none of Odessa caught under the wheels. The machine had two seats, instead steering – lever similar to those used in boats. Wooden wheels with solid rubber tires hellishly pounding on the cobblestones, and the roar of four-stroke motor the terror of the citizens. That is why the first Odessa car owner was strictly forbidden to travel in his carriage on the city streets at night. The speed limit of the miracle of the chariot was a mere 30 kilometers per hour. A new driver loved to drive and one day, speeding up to 25 kilometers per hour, and received a reprimand from the policeman bailiff. In General, in Odessa, was issued the first fine for speeding.

Interestingly, the newspaper of the first Nawrocki wrote an angry article in which was ashamed of its own owner for violation of public security and the “excessive” speed.

…Journalist motorists, the adventurer did not may 6, 1911 – summed up the heart. The funeral was attended by thousands of people, and two special chariot drove a hundred wreaths. No one even could not think that the “jewel in the crown of Odessa” lost in the garbage at the city cemetery, where after more than a hundred years found the grave of Nawrocki.

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