For hypercar McLaren P1 wheel printed in titanium and carbon fiber (VIDEO)

Для гиперкара McLaren P1 распечатали колеса из титана и углеродного волокна (ВИДЕО)

The McLaren P1 is one of those cars that from the first seconds of his appearance attracts the views of all the people who are close to him.

California manufacturer of wheel company HRE, specially created titanium wheels for the British hypercar. It is noteworthy that these discs were printed on a 3D printer.

They are not only lighter than those obtained by the conventional production method, and look several times better.

The technology of 3D printing have limitless potential, and wheels HRE HRE3D + is an example of how advanced this technology.

You just think about it – instead of having to print something simple, like a paperweight for your Desk out of cheap plastic, you can create incredible masterpieces from such a strong material like titanium. 3D printing has endless applications in the automotive industry, and 3D HRE wheels is just the beginning.

The resulting wheel HRE3D + weigh only 9 kg each. Lighter wheels also help your car feel more nimble on the road that improve the overall driving experience.

HRE when the company first introduced their revolutionary wheel HRE3D + in may 2019, the automotive world was in complete disarray. No doubt, the future has arrived! Experts from HRE made the wheel centre carbon fibre, and combined it with titanium spokes, made using 3D printing.

It is reported that such a method of manufacturing wheel takes 80 percent less material than traditional forging technique.

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