For the children: “Alix is a fine example,” — Rosalie Daoust

Pour les enfants: «Alix est un bel exemple» — Rosalie Daoust

Rosalie Daoust, still new in the brotherhood of actors, admits to have been seised of”a little giddy” when she was chosen to defend the most important role of the children’s and youth program Alix and the Wonderful, first broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada and is now offered on Télé-Québec.

Filled by this girl, smiling and dynamic, Rosalie Daoust hopes that the kids will find it endearing, “she gives a beautiful way of seeing life and that it inspires”.

“Alix is positive. I find that this is a good example, ” says the actress. It is not perfect, far from it; she has many small defects, but all in all, it is positive. She wants to learn, she is curious, she is always ready to help. I find that these are fine values for the children.”

Well surrounded

Transported to a magical world based on that of the country of the wonders, which it accesses through a passage under the staircase of his house, Alix lives all sorts of adventures that talk about difference, acceptance and mutual support. It moves around a lot. “Child, we love it when it goes in all directions,” says Rosalie Daoust.

At his side are, among others, the Chief of security who “still has a small flaw”, the Hatter “crazy, crazy, crazy”, the Great Patron saint “not so severe” and the Walrus, which “tells stories not possible”. In short, we do not get bored.

“One of the characters typed, funny, crazy, full of colors and endearing. […] The characters are so colorful, so well known, but the actors have found a way to them to interpret them, to make them alive.”

“A lot of work”

Take the plunge into the fantastic world ofAlix and the Wonderful was greeted with joy by Rosalie Daoust. “It is quite easy for me to fall back into the naïve-there, that innocence of a child. I think I’ve still got a lot in me,” she says.

Despite this, he had to work very hard on set, she had almost exclusively played in the theatre since his graduation from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 2017.

“I had everything to learn […]. I had a lot of crust to eat. It was a lot of work, but I am pampered by the life for to have had this beautiful character.”

No, Rosalie Daoust couldn’t have dreamed up a more great start to the tv. “If I had the chance to have a career that continues, it will have been the most beautiful stepping stone that I could imagine myself, with a great team, I have learned so much, who was so patient and generous with me.”

Alix and the Wonderful, from Monday to Friday, 10 h and 17: 30 on Télé-Québec.

His days COVID-19

Private also work in these times of confinement, Rosalie Daoust occupies her days in different ways.

“I found the time for me, as I had since lost a good tip. I’m pretty slow in the life and I find that the pace of life is so fast that, often, I find it hard to follow […]. I’m taking a Spanish course. I love this language, but this is not possible when I shoot. I’m going to run, I take time to recharge myself a bit, I set up my small apartment, I cook new recipes. I try to make it positive.”

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