For the Day of the Earth, Washington pin Beijing on the climate

Pour la Journée de la Terre, Washington épingle Pékin sur le climat

WASHINGTON | The u.s. administration to Donald Trump, criticized by all the defenders of the environment for having left the Paris agreement on the climate, celebrated, Wednesday, the Day the Earth criticising the balance sheet of China in the field — and the passage of the UN.

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo, in the first line of the all-out offensive from Washington against Beijing, has struck once more the load.

He receives a message from the secretary-general of the united Nations, Antonio Guterres who, on the occasion of the 50th Day of the Earth, called to transform the recovery postpandémie in ” a real opportunity to make things right for the future of the planet.

“I want to remind everyone that the right way to ensure a greener future, cleaner and more radiant in the world, it is to ensure that private innovation and the free-market and competition “, replied Mike Pompeo, presenting once more the United States as the “world leader in the reduction of all the emissions” of greenhouse gas emissions.

“China, in contrast, is the largest emitter annually since 2006 and its emissions will continue to grow until approximately 2030, and will therefore neutralize the progress of other countries around the world,” continued the secretary of State at a press conference in Washington.

“I wish to urge the secretary-general Guterres to ensure that we have good data, actual facts on who really gets the results about things that are important to all of us “, he added, in a tackle, thinly veiled to the UN. “This is particularly important for the 50th anniversary of the Land Day. ”

Washington is currently engaged in a confrontation with Beijing, accused of having concealed the seriousness of the outbreak of new coronavirus, with the “complicity” of the world health Organization, an agency of the united nations.

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