For the eighth time in Moscow stole the sign “Forbidden to talk to unknown”

В восьмой раз: в Москве украли знак «Запрещено разговаривать с неизвестными»

In Moscow for the eighth time in a row stole the sign “Forbidden to talk to strangers”, restored two days ago, according to AGN “Moscow” with reference to the Executive Director of the Museum “Bulgakov’s house” Natalia Sklyarova.

As explained Sklyarov, on the spot where the sign was, there was only a sign saying “Forbidden to talk to unknown”. The picture with the silhouettes of the heroes of the novel “Master and Margarita” Woland, Koroviev and the cat – Behemoth is gone. The attackers had removed the sign at night – the afternoon of 19 may, the sign was still. The Museum staff are going to do everything possible to return the sign. In addition, they want to start selling these signs so that anyone could just buy them and not steal.

The sign was restored on may 18, the Day of cultural heritage. It was the eighth setting the mark – before it is either stolen, or filled with paint. At this time, “Bulgakov’s house” prepared for the attack: a sign made of vandal resistant materials and coated with a protective film.

The plot of the novel, the meeting of Berlioz and Ivan Bezdomny Woland and his servants occurred at Patriarch’s ponds.