For the first time in the history of medicine the patient was cured by bacteriophages

Впервые в истории медицины пациента вылечили бактериофагами

American and British doctors for the first time in the history of medicine used genetically modified bacteriophage against Mycobacterium, a cousin of the tubercle Bacillus. The method helped to cope with the dangerous disease – the patient on track to recovery. Treatment professionals described in the article .

British boy and girl suffered from cystic fibrosis – a deadly disease affecting the respiratory organs and the glands of external secretion. Prescribed antibiotics young people did not help – the bacteria quickly adapted to, and continued to destroy the body. Then the doctors decided to resort to a new method of treatment with a suitable bacteriophage – virus that destroys the bacterial cell.

While scientists have created a set of bacteriophages, the young man died waiting for treatment. Experiments continued with the surviving 15-year-old girl. Thus she became the first man in the world, which began to heal with the help of genetically modified bacteriophages.

Due to illness of the girl had wounds on the liver and skin ulcers. One of them, scientists used as a test, daily treating a viral cocktail. In addition, it was injected into her body intravenously every 12 hours.

New specific treatment practically did not cause side effects. In nine days the girl was discharged home, where he continued treatment viruses. Six months later, her wounds almost healed, and the liver and lungs have improved.

In the article doctors say that, despite the positive result, the method is difficult to apply on a large scale, because each bacterial strain need to use a separate viral cocktail.

Previously, researchers from Yale University healed a man from antibiotic-resistant infections using bacteriophages OMKO1 taken from a pond in 65 kilometers from the University. In the experimental treatment agreed to participate, 76-year-old American resident of Connecticut. The treatment was successful.