For the greeting “Glory to Ukraine” in Poland called “cops”

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In Poland, for the greeting “Glory to Ukraine” called the police. It is reported, reports Rus.Media .

During the memorial events in the village Sagrini Lublin province of Poland, the first Deputy Chairman of the Volyn regional Council Alexander Pirozek concluded the traditional Ukrainian greeting “Glory to Ukraine. Glory To The Heroes”.

Через вітання "Слава Україні" в Польщі викликали "копів"

Photo: a Memorial event in Poland (

One of those present at the event, which can honor those killed by the Polish home Army in 1944, the Ukrainians, regarded the word as Pirogis the glorification of Stepan Bandera. According to the amendments in the law on the Institute of national remembrance in Poland, it is prohibited.

Then a man called at the cemetery the police. Militiamen have copied passport data Pirozek. The law was violated, will be set by the Prosecutor.

Video: the Incident in Poland (Леся Bondaruk)

Also during the commemoration events in Shrine one of the participants pulled out a red and black flag. He quickly hid back, however, the representatives of the media had seen him.

Earlier in Poland tram passengers beat the Ukrainian nationality.

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