For the homeland: the exploits of the heroes of the great Patriotic war

PHOTO : Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Unprecedented heroism during the Great Patriotic war was widespread. But there are feats that it is hard to believe, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

Israfil Mammadov from Azerbaijan, Hero of the Soviet Union was at 22. This was the first year of the war. On the outskirts of Veliky Novgorod together with his detachment of 20 people, ten o’clock he was protecting an important milestone from a battalion of Nazis. Personally killed 70 people.

Then in the 41st, the pilot Alexei Katrich from Belarus made the first ever high-altitude air RAM at the height of eight kilometers. The pilot took his crippled MiG on the enemy aircraft, damaged his propeller, after which he fell and burned. And Katrich landed safely and soon received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. He was 24 years old.

Hunan Avetisyan from Armenia was a marine. In September of ‘ 43 was released the Kuban and Taman Peninsula. His platoon found the enemy bunkers. Avetisyan threw hand grenades into one of them, but was wounded. Then the hero closed the embrasure with his body and was posthumously awarded the title.

Posthumously became a hero Manshuk Mamedova from Kazakhstan. Shoot she learned in the Institute. In the 43rd in the battle for the city of Nevel squad Mammadova came under mortar fire. Manshuk from a machine gun killed more than 70 soldiers and officers. In the 69th of her feat was filmed the movie “Song about Manshuk”.

In such situation the Kyrgyz gunner-gunner Dair Asanov. In the battles near Kharkov after reflecting three tank attacks killed all his comrades. To bring the shells, to charge, to fire and even fire from a machine Dairo had alone. The result – eight destroyed tanks, six armored vehicles and 40 destroyed by gunmen. The fighter survived and was invited to the Kremlin where he was given a hero and star of the Order of Lenin.

Kurban Durdy, who comes from a Turkmen village in the first days of the war went to reconnaissance behind enemy lines: estimated number of groups and volume of firepower. On the way back, his unit was faced with a platoon of Nazis, soldiers killed 11 people and several captured. The award Kurban Durdy was presented in the Kremlin.