For the hot summer: cold tomato soup with crab

Для жаркого лета: холодный томатный суп с крабом

In the heat of summer can refresh special cold tomato soup with crab, the newspaper “My district”.

Database take: water (350 g), peeled cucumbers (175 g), celery (70 g), pepper (110 g) tomatoes in their own juice (350g), tomato paste (50 grams), olive oil (20 g) onion (50 g), garlic (7 oz), tomatoes (180 gr), black pepper, Tabasco sauce, salt. The vegetables cut arbitrarily, then whip in a blender with drinking water and strain through a sieve. In the resulting mass add peeled tomatoes in own juice, Tabasco sauce, olive oil, tomato paste, salt, pepper and all mix thoroughly.

In a bowl, pour the resulting mass and put on top of crab meat (100g). Separately submit finely chopped bell pepper (100g), cucumber (100 g) and watercress for decoration.

Earlier, the chef of Moscow restaurants told the “WORLD 24” how to make summer soups.