For the implementation of national projects in Tatarstan will spend more than 20 billion rubles

PHOTO : MIR / cheglyaeva Maria


More than 20 billion rubles will be spent in Tatarstan for realization of national projects. The largest amount will go to education and the improvement of the demographic situation, including the construction of kindergartens. These figures were announced on Monday, the authorities of Kazan, reports “WORLD 24”.

The Minister of economy of Tatarstan Farid Abdulganiev said that the national projects in the Republic will receive 21.4 billion rubles, of which 16.8 billion Federal funds, and 4.6 billion – regional. Most of these funds are allocated for implementation of the projects “Education” and “Demography”, in particular in 2019 they planned to build 29 kindergartens for more than 6,000 seats.

“We took a very good pace in the implementation of national projects, both in terms of construction of objects, including institutions of health, education, psycho-neurological boarding school for the elderly, repairing roads, training of staff in new areas of work”, – said the Abdulganiev.

It is also known that the implementation of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support individual entrepreneurial initiative” the Republic will receive over 2.3 billion rubles in 2019.

National projects were developed on the basis of the message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on 20 February 2019. They are designed to improve the lives of Russians in a number of areas.