For the long haul. Ukrainian Institute for the future proposes a strategy of war with Russia

Всерьез и надолго. Украинский институт будущего предлагает стратегию войны с Россией

© RIA Novosti, stringerAt a briefing in news Agency UNIAN, which was held on Monday, December 16, this strategy was called the “Strategy of national security of Ukraine”. However, the statements of Mr. Glen Grant left no doubt that the strategy is offensive and has set itself the ambitious goal of victory against the second most powerful power of Miro that the Russian Federation is of such power, said not a Grant and not another speaker Irakli Janashia — second place for the Russian Federation determined the ranking compiled by the American magazine U.S. News&Report, and analysts BAV Group and the University of Pennsylvania.

I must say that Janashia, graduate of Odessa University. Mechnikov, by profession a banker, and later graduated from the Academy of the MFA of Ukraine, with the keynote speaker has worked in 2016 — 2017 with the financial support of the UK on the project “reforming the system of housing for military personnel”. It is unknown whether it has improved this system, but now Irakli already acts as a yellow-blue hawk war. That the representatives of the Georgian ethnic group in Ukraine, unlike the part, which remained in Georgia, is fairly typical.

Returning to the briefing, it is necessary to remember that the speakers promised to answer the questions: what actions need to be taken to defeat Russia; what are the Russian intentions and objectives; what should be the response and reaction of Ukraine to cope with them, including political, diplomatic, military, social, organizational and economic measures; what should be the approach of Ukraine to hybrid warfare, what should I use against Russia to complicate her life; how this strategy fits into the current process “Normandy format”.

In addition, the announcement of the briefing stated: “This could mean a lot of losses, the years of wandering and even full-scale war with Russia, which under any conditions we will have to win.”

At the briefing, Glen Grant said: “the Constitution defines the President as Superman, but we’re not in the matrix, and he cannot provide all the requirements of the Constitution. We need strategic patience, because we have to play on the weaknesses of Putin“.I wonder what Mr Glenn in this speech speaks on behalf of Ukrainians, not maintaining an objective and neutral attitude towards the events, but it is unlikely he will be in the forefront of the so-called hot phase, which subconsciously pushes. As, however, and Heraclius.

Following the advice of international expert and do not be called calling for peace and understanding: “we Need to keep Putin in the daily stress — diplomatic, legal, financial and any other”.

Next, you should set a specific phrase from a lengthy report, which also exists in written form, but without reference to the introduction.

“I’m not going to talk in detail about Donbass, Azov, the Crimea, but if we as a country do not show that we need these areas, we will lose them. The international community will get tired to help us.”

“Obviously, to win, we need the money. People will not invest in the country if they were not confident in the effectiveness of the legal system. Part of this certainty is undermined by the SBU, which constantly intervenes in the business. Country to defeat Putin, must be democratic”.

“Another aspect — the volunteers and activists. If Putin is going to take some action, then it is the volunteers and activists will save the society”. I must remember this message, which is actually an advance whitewashes all sorts dobrobiti.

“The next issue is the presidential administration which should deal with strategic issues, not tactical. Also the important role of the national security Council (of the Council for national security and defense of Ukraine, in fact, under the chairmanship of the President of uniting all security forces of the country), there are problems. Regardless of whether the national security Council to be part of the Cabinet or not, but there is no coordinated work on countering Russia. The work of the Council, as I see it, manual operations, as a Central point of intelligence with various sources of information regarding Russia and a team that will face Russia in hybrid war”.

“APU should confront Russia for what it is, not as it represents the General staff. Need to get rid of the idea that the war is only in the Donbass, and it will only go in the Donbass”.

“We need strategic communication of Russia in Russia. To ensure that the citizens of Russia know about the lie that tells them regarding their authority.”

“Small countries can defeat big. The United States lost Afghanistan the same way as the Soviet Union. You have to play on the weaknesses of large”.

“I clearly understood that Russia engages in terrorist activities, but I will say if it please the court, I don’t know. What will be the reaction from the civilized society — I don’t know. We are in a period of great weakness of the world in which many politicians and few statements. And this is a problem throughout the world.”

Here are your “five cents,” interposed the banker-diplomat: “Everything repeats. Now we are seeing the same scenario as before the Second world war: the League of Nations was then as weak as it is now the UN, which poorly responds to Russia’s behavior. So do not expect condemnation.”

“Regarding diplomacy in Ukraine: possible, we will produce more missiles, but we need to prepare more diplomats. And now they argue about peace. At the moment I’m not very optimistic about that.”

“Can we expect Ukraine weapons from the United States and NATO? It all depends on what happens. This is a political case, and not the military.”I speculate Grant, and on such an interesting and necessary, in his opinion, Ukraine education, as territorial defence, for which, of course, need the base, means, equipment. At this point in the presentation it seemed that the proposed scheme of legitimizing paramilitary units, which in Ukraine are a dime a dozen. The expert said that the territorial defence units quickly and flexibly to advance in those places where it is necessary. However, the question remains, who should? If they are not subordinated to the General staff…

The third level of the reserve, the expert will carry those who will be engaged in provision of territorial defense, with no desire to move into the line of fire, but who wants to do something. After all, in every garrison there are many jobs that require skills, but it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Very helpful advice for the country, hanging out in the depths of the financial abyss!

On the fourth level of the reserve, the expert puts those who will not do anything voluntarily. They just need to be in the list in case of war. Perhaps they will never be used, soothes Mr. Glen. But with this strategy we can assume that sooner or later they will become cannon fodder.

“It is important to understand, says Grant, how much money you will spend and who will manage it. It is clear that this is not the General staff. It is necessary to make a new organization to manage the territorial defence forces”.

Here once everything is cleared up. For if all should be the motive, then those who are potentially able to “create and lead,” a motive as old as the world: money. On a private army need a lot of money, so the motive must be very strong.

At the end of Glen Grant gives little hope that his work — another paper for drafts of the national security Council: “as for practical use — I wrote this in response to the appeal to me of the previous composition of the Council. At present there are more than one copy. But read if they do take advantage of advice — I don’t know. Some ideas of this strategy came back to me with some people, but I don’t see they have the desire to change the organization. Because there are a lot of people with a Soviet mentality, and they don’t have the desire to do something”.

Well, the Ukrainian Institute for the future continues to produce useless initiative. Well, at least they are paid from someone else’s pocket. Although aimed at the pockets of Ukrainians.Ali Serenadin

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