For them the word “Russian” means “fair”

Для них слово "русский" означает "справедливый"

Photo: TASSon Wednesday and Thursday in Sochi hosted the first — and hopefully not the last forum “Russia–Africa”. Participated in all the fifty four African countries. Moreover, forty-three delegations were headed by the first persons — heads of States or governments.

The volume of direct talks on the sidelines of the forum has surpassed the most optimistic expectations. The Russian Federation was the first to organize such a representative meeting. Even in Soviet times, when our country has supported the disintegration of the colonial system, and actively cooperate with all the States acquiring independence, was not such mass meetings at the highest level.

But business not only and not so much prestige. Openly remind: Africa is not only unique Treasury of natural resources, including untold deposits of minerals. It is also faster than any other developing part of the world. This, however, is now easy: the economies of most developed countries for over a decade deadlocked for natural indicators, and grows only in a formal volume in monetary terms due to inflation. That is, in tons of printed money.

In Africa, on the contrary, the most that neither is wealth. The land of the unfortunate countries who were detained by the colonialists in the medieval state, filled with values. Gold and diamonds pale in comparison to rare earth metals because without them it is impossible to manufacture smartphones and computers.

The welfare of Africa, supposed to be incredibly high. But no prosperity. Fat and greedy Western corporations control over the black continent not only the best deposits, but the possibility of development of the economy and peoples.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the control was almost complete. However, China has managed to understand where the future and invests in African projects, the lion’s share of the profits from exports to Western Europe and North America. But African leaders have not gone to China and Russia. Because for them the word “Russian” means “fair”.

In the nineteenth century Russia was the first to help Ethiopia rifles and military experts, helping to fend off Italy. In nineties we tried not to think about it. And left Africa at the mercy of. And there remember!Anatoly Wasserman

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