For titles Molodin stolic Ukraine-2020 smartymedia 48 mist

За звання молодіжної столиці України-2020 змагатимуться 48 міст

Applications for the fate of the National Concours “Molodini STOLICA Ukraine-2020” filed 48 mist of Ukraine.Yak Podolia correspondent Ukrinforma, tak Dan Buli aprilynne after pdufa PDSMU on Sasan Naglyadova for “Molodini stolic Ukraine” from Ministerstv mold the sport Ukrainy, Yak pereboeva have process reorganizes.

“Mi trzeci not dotaknuti to povnogo of pokrittya in the areas of application for participation have konkurs filed 48 mist from 21 region of Ukraine. TSE bilshe mist, than Bulo have a view from the past year, ale demo less then, than at pozeminiame, if competition provodilsya vpershe”, – respown head Naglyadova for Oleksandr Yarema.

At the first year holding the contest (2018) vsogo Bulo 56 applications, and peremig Lviv, the year 2019 for the status Molodin stolic mahalasa 41 Misto, I peremig Polish street dear visitors.

Oftiny the start of the competition Bulo ogoloshen 14 September to 30 Zhovtnya triva time utilized applications at once IgE processes rozpadu ocenuvanje CIR applications, 19 Listopad on Sasan Naglyadova for bude paying Mista-finally, up to 10 grudnia go through Nalini vdbr, I vzhe 31 grudnia Misto-winner itsuno nebude status Molodin stolic Ukraine 2020 rock.

“First of all, this is the status daє mistu your attention. Tsogo rock we pomestila, mi Mali garnu comunic z colleagues z Minfrastructure, in particular the z Ukrzaliznytsia, and the stench of pogorelica rozmai promo video about Molodin stolicy Polish street dear visitors Yak socalo advertising. In General, well, Yak christinia CIM status, the great Mira I zaleite from Mista, and from molodyh people in nomu yaki prozhivayut. Besides, members of the Commission konkursno – a large number of mineralnih organzas. I for them – TSE Ter mozliwosci castino so aktivnost push stroke rock realsoulmate in MST – molodini stolic, and the stench of the CIM actively corestauti”, – Yarema respown.

NetStorage national competition “Molodini STOLICA Ukraine” je Ministerstvo mold that sports of Ukraine, National maladina Rada of Ukraine the Ukrainian Institute of miniratna policy.

The main meta contest , activtate spitrit mizh Molody of the bodies mstioga samovryaduvannya, and also spriyannya stvorennya minds for the development of mold mstah in Ukraine.

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