For your info: what to watch for today?

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    Long live the winter wind ?

    The song wants to be happy, but there are limits to candor : with the winter wind this morning, expected a chill temperature of – 32 degrees Celsius in Montreal — and near – 40 °C elsewhere in the province.

    For those who do not believe in the ” wind factor “, because it dramatizes always the things, it will still be – 22 °C in Montreal. Environment Canada has issued warnings of extreme cold for several regions of Quebec. The culprit ? A mass of arctic air.

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    Of hockey here and there

    At the end of this cold day, we shall leave the ice to other much more competent (although sometimes…) : the Canadian takes the collar tonight, so that he faced the Hurricanes of Carolina in Raleigh.

    For those who prefer to follow the world Championship of junior hockey, this year held in Buffalo, Canada will play a second match tonight against the Slovakia. The canadian team won yesterday against Finland.

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    The follow-up of the day : Fujimori

    It is expected that other protests today in Peru, while the controversy triggered by the presidential pardon granted to former head of State, Alberto Fujimori, is not weakened.

    From a hospital bed, the former president convicted of corruption and crimes against humanity, has asked for forgiveness yesterday for the acts committed by his government between 1990 and 2000. The organization Human Rights Watch believes that the release of Fujimori ” was a vulgar political negotiation in exchange for the maintenance of the president Kuczynski power.”

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    Of December 27, in time

    – 1972 (45 years old) : death of former canadian prime minister Lester B. Pearson, winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1957 (for his role in the denouement of the Suez canal crisis)

    – 1927 (age 90) : the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin culminates with the exclusion of formal the first of the ranks of the communist Party of the soviet union.

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