Forced break for “The true nature”

Pause forcée pour «La vraie nature»

“The true nature” is not immune to the vagaries of the pandemic COVID-19. The issuance of secrets ” hosted by Jean-Philippe Dion takes a break next season, given the impossibility of turn of new episodes this summer in the current situation.

“For the months ahead, bringing people together in the proximity of a chalet remains simply unthinkable without compromising the health of the team and guests,” explained VAT and Productions of the Sea by means of a press release on Wednesday.

A decision heart-breaking, it goes without saying, because “The true nature” has achieved an enviable average of ratings of 1 251 000 viewers this winter, equivalent to a market share of 37.9 %.


Before storing his boat, Jean-Philippe Dion has some beautiful moments to offer us. This Sunday, April 26, the host of the chalet welcomes a trio formed by Christian Bégin, Edith Butler and Patricia Paquin.

Then, on 3 may, we will be entitled to a special episode entitled “the confidences of The chalet”, composed of extracts 100 % never-before-seen the most recent season. For the first time, the camera was given access to the behind the scenes of a stay at “The true nature”, and Jean-Philippe Dion will unveil a big secret on the show.

Also, there will be a misunderstanding memorable between Claude Legault and Sisters Boulay, Guy Jodoin digs a nest in the bedroom of the host, guests will try by all means to know with whom they are paired for the weekend, an ominous moment will destabilize Denis Coderre in his tales, the more personal, and a huge burst of laughter will shake Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, Mélissa Bédard and Alain Choquette.

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