Ford already was not going to fight Tesla

Ford уже и не думает биться с Tesla

It seems that in the history of confrontation between Ford and Tesla can make a point, although there was a chance that we will get an interesting show.

To refresh your memory, Tesla wanted to slyly and skillfully to humiliate Ford, when after the display of electric truck Cybertruck last dragged behind a diesel F-150, although Ford tried to resist.

This is clearly not appreciated by the head of Department Ford X Madry Sani, who said that the company knows how to take revenge on Tesla.

All the battles are probably not going to happen, as Ford decided to show who is the leader, stating that “he has nothing to prove to the competitor.” Also, the manufacturer announced that it officially didn’t challenge Tesla, and the words Sled Madry was interpreted wrong and he only showed the absurdity of commercials Tesla.

“With the ongoing pickup in America for 42 years, we always focused on serving our customers, no matter what they say or do to others. We are looking forward to our new hybrid F-150, which will be released next year, and all-electric F-150 will sell in a few years”, — said in the Ford statement.

But Tesla clearly knows how to attract people’s attention: since the show Cybertruck the company as of November 28, took it has more than 250 000 orders.

Last year Ford sold in the U.S. more than 909 000 pickups F-Series. It is almost 5 times more than Tesla has sold of all their models combined.