Forecast: 2020 At prices on palmova the oil pdests

Прогноз: У 2020 ціни на пальмову олію підвищаться

Forecasts experts Oil World, prices on palmova the oil in the Perche Polovin 2020 roku (January-June) mozhut of vyrosti to 2600 rggt /t (about $ 20 per ton).

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Of in particular, paviment CN Mauger Buti stimulirovanie zrostannya swetoha spodivannya product in 2019/20 Mr – to 80-81 million tonnes, perevazhno for rakhunok occupano record mporta this product NDU I Kitam.

Thus, swova virobnictvo palm oil in 2019/20 Mr Mauger zbilshiti 1.5 million tons to 78.2 million tons. However, rcni print Buda, or means of pokajnica in view from the past season (4.6 million tons), scho takozh bude nanavati Patrico znam.

Prognoses takozh, scho vyrobena oil Malis in the year 2020 to sensitise, then Yak in Jones Mauger trosti to 45.4 million tons. Sche one factor patrici CN in 2020 rotsi vistupit those scho svitovi stock of palm oil in 2020 R mozhut scrotitis by 2-3 million tons.

Naadam for 9 months 2019 Ukraine eksportowe agroproducts for $4.2 billion.

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