Forecasters expect a significant cold snap this week. It is expected wet snow and strong wind

After a couple of days in Ukraine significantly colder and February finally show who is now the owner.

Синоптики обіцяють значне похолодання на цьому тижні. Очікується мокрий сніг і сильний вітер

11 February in Ukraine, it will be windy, South wind will reach strong gusts. This was told by the weather forecaster Natalia Didenko, informs Rus.Media.

According to forecasts Didenko, February 11 in Ukraine will be windy, South wind will reach strong gusts.

In the Western regions of Ukraine will pass rains, and in the Carpathian mountains with sleet. By evening the precipitation will reach Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Kiev region. The rest of the dry.

Temperature will average +1 – +3 degrees in the center, on the North and East, +4 – +6 – in the West, as well as +5 – +7 – in the South and +6 – +8 – in the Crimea.

On Tuesday, February 12, rain will mix with wet snow and will cover a significant part of Ukraine.

According to preliminary forecasts forecaster, 13 and 14 of February in Ukraine will be cold.

Now the temperature is in the range of above 0 ° C, but the temperature will drop.