Foreign Minister of Ukraine will resign after the inauguration Zelensky

Глава МИД Украины подаст в отставку после инаугурации Зеленского

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that after the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky office will leave his post, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“I won’t be dismissed, because we must have a political culture”. In the political culture will allow the new President to choose those with whom it needs to work in such areas as foreign policy and defense. That is, of course, I have to offer the new President his resignation, and I will definitely make,” said the Minister.

Ukraine’s Central election Commission 30 APR announced the final results of the presidential elections. Zelensky won the second round with a record 73,22% of the vote. May 4, he met with representatives of parliamentary factions and are Happy to choose the day of his inauguration, however, doogrisa the date of the inauguration failed.

The President, according to the Ukrainian Constitution, may affect the appointment of two Ministers: foreign Affairs and defence.

Klimkin was born in 1967 in Kursk. He was appointed foreign Minister on 19 June 2014, before that two years was Ambassador to Germany.