Forest fire near Irkutsk flame is very close to human settlements

PHOTO : TASS / Shipitsin Cyril


Nearly burned the whole village. In the Irkutsk region forest fires have covered another 2 thousand hectares. The flame is very close to human settlements. In most cases, people blame themselves, which burn the grass. How do I find the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mikhail Pranovich, find violators now will help mobile phone.

The sun here is difficult to discern for more than a week. Flames reached more than 11 thousand hectares of forests of Irkutsk. Especially, the situation has worsened during the holidays, when people went to a barbecue. Not extinguished the coals, thrown cigarettes – has resulted in a large fire.

To leave their homes due to the fire had the residents of the village of Bolshoe Goloustnoe. Wall of fire crept close to the village. More than any other fire scared the children.

“Everything was burning. It was terrible. So it was… Burned everything…” – said Daniel Batavia.

Locals remember when the fire began to approach, the whole village was shrouded in smoke. Visibility was almost zero. People began to leave their homes. First and foremost, the rescuers took the children and the elderly.

“It was terrible, of course. We were gathered. Medicines, warm clothes, documents, the most important thing,” – says pensioner Irina Barhatova.

“Their children have sent. Just in case, you never know what,” said Tuana Aref’eva.

One of the most ambitious was a saleswoman in a local store. To leave the village refused, because he knew that those who stayed will be in need of food and water.

“Someone leaves – the smoke can not move. Someone scary, I guess. For children worried. We have a lot of kids. And where will I go? I’ve got a job, a house,” said the salesman in a local store Olga Chugainova.

At the same time, experts argue that to truly survive you now need to those in these fires is guilty. Lovers to burn dry grass or bonfires in areas where it is prohibited, will now catch with the help of the GPS sensors embedded in mobile phones. Emergency officials are confident the perpetrators will be found quickly.

Only in Russia about fifty raging forest fires. At Baikal, and Transbaikalia, Kurgan region accounts for more than 80% of all forest fires.

With fire fighting in the far East, Transbaikalia, the Altai, in Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva, Bashkortostan and Kurgan region. Suppression of wildfires has attracted more than 3 thousand people, 670 pieces of equipment and aircraft. During the day the rescuers managed to eliminate the 125 fires on the area about 9 thousand hectares.