Forests in Ukraine are getting younger – expert

Леса Украины становятся все моложе - эксперт

Ecological threat from deforestation there is, the less Mature forest, so it is more serious. However, even if one day to cut down the whole forest in the Carpathian mountains, she’s still will grow, because there are all conditions in this permit, unlike the Luhansk region, Donetsk region and Kherson region.

This ГолосUA said the head of the Ukrainian environmental group Oleksiy Vasylyuk.

“The problem is that there have to be adults forests, which trap moisture and produce enough oxygen. In addition, the majority of forests in Ukraine planted manually and through several cycles of logging and it won’t be a problem if this approach correctly, the problem is the ratio of forests – Mature and young. After all, a young planting height of 20 centimeters will not be able to protect us from the same wind, the saturation of air with oxygen, will not create a pleasant coolness in summer,” – said the expert.

According to him, the young forest cannot be called forest, as there will be nesting birds will not live owls in the hollows, will not build nests of eagles and storks on the old oak trees because they are simply not and it’s just a garden in the first couple of decades.

“At the same time, if you look at the map, it’s just some kind of polygon is green and the land for forestry purposes. So the real problem with forests is not that they cut, and that cut down the most valuable old forests, as there is a greater volume of wood and cut down forests of natural origin, although there are only a couple of percent, but they cannot be counted. Therefore, in a global sense, the problem also is that the woods are becoming younger and younger,” – concluded A. Vasilyuk.

As reported, 19 November the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed bill No. 0873, aimed at protecting fir-beech forests on the mountain slopes of the Carpathian region from clear cutting.

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