Forget about fluid retention, edema and other troubles – try this recipe

Забудьте про задержку жидкости, отеки и прочие неприятности – попробуйте этот рецепт

The reason that the extra pounds stay with you, despite diet and exhausting workout, can be fluid retention in the body.

To rapidly burn off stored fat and start the process of detoxification, you should use an additional stimulant, is composed of natural ingredients.

Home remedy, relieving swelling and eliminate the causes of fluid retention in the body, not only help to lose weight, but will improve the condition of skin and hair.

Drink for fluid removal from the body


  • Distilled water – 150 ml
  • Parsley 20 sprigs
  • Orange – 1
  • Lemon – ¼
  • Flax seeds 1 tbsp

How to cook:

  • Place in the bowl of a blender juice from citrus fruits, carrots, chopped parsley, flax seeds and water. Shake, strain and SIP a drink.
  • Important! Sugar reduces the effectiveness of the product.
  • It is recommended to take 1 glass daily. Already after 7-10 days, the General condition is much improved and the weight will begin to decline. If you drink to combine with moderate exercise and a healthy diet, the results will be even more noticeable.

Before starting reception, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

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