Former stylist of Kanye West became the creative Director of Louis Vuitton Men: who is Virgil, Able

Virgil, Able

Today it became known that fashion House Louis Vuitton has appointed a new creative Director for menswear line. After the unexpected departure of Kim Jones, who held the post for seven years, the brand decided to entrust the post 37-year-old Virgil, Able, the Creator of the streetwear brand Off-White and former stylist of Kanye West. Talk about what famous designer and why he became so popular in the fashion industry.


Virgil, Ablo was born in 1980 in USA in Rockford. The designer studied at the faculty of civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and then received a master’s degree in architecture at the Technological Institute of Illinois. Before he plunged into the world of fashion, Virgil has worked as architect and graphic designer.

When I am asked to introduce myself, I say that by education I the architect. Architecture is a good starting point for work in numerous fields associated with design. I like it when people don’t choose an easy path in his career. I was this close,

he says.

Virgil, Able

Work with Kanye West

The cooperation of Virgil, Able and the famous rapper began in 2002. Acquainted with the then still not very well-known musician and his Manager in one of the clubs, Virgil decided that this meeting could be the beginning of his great career. Then he began to develop the design of the album cover rapper, and then became his personal stylist and consultant, but later helped the West to work on a collection of Yeezy.

Virgil, Able and Kanye West


But in 2012 he decided it was time to move on and started making their own brand Off-White. His debut collection Virgil, Able introduced in 2012. First he was involved in the creation of exclusively male line, but two years later released and women’s collection. Last fall he debuted at fashion Week in Paris, and I must say, very successfully. In the show participated Kaia Gerber, Bianca Balti, Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell. To create a collection that drew the attention of the fashion critics, it was inspired by Princess Diana and her wardrobe is always stylish and elegant.

Virgil, Able and Naomi Campbell

Favorite designers

Able, recognizes that the greatest influence on him, Martin Margiela, Helmut lang and RAF Simons — he he highlights especially.

The chief designer of our time is the RAF. He brought street clothes at the highest possible level. Street clothes, not in the sense of t-shirts with logos, but inspired by the young radical shapes and cut. He is the leader. Myself, I in this genre considered as a student

says Able.

Now waiting for Louis Vuitton

An inherent creative and destructive method in the work made it very important not only in the fashion world, but generally in modern culture. It’s great to combine the classics with the fashion trends

— says CEO Louis Vuitton Michael Burke.

Likely that Able, like his predecessor, Kim Jones will continue to bring the luxury brand elements of street style, which now enjoys such great popularity among fashionistas around the world. What will come of this, will know soon — the release of the debut collection of Virgil, Able as Director of the male line of Louis Vuitton is scheduled for June of this year.

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