“Formula Steinmeier” has not been

"Формулы Штайнмайера" не было

The story of a long-awaited Kyiv by signing the “formula Steinmeier” — that is a promise to adhere to the Minsk agreement — died.

In the talks in Minsk Kiev delegation said that they would discuss the world only after the destruction of the DNI and LC. Zelensky and promised to go to a meeting in the “Normandy format” only with the question of the term “return” of Crimea.

He knows that Crimea left Ukraine and himself forever. Then, could not understand, which disrupted the negotiations.

Why all this circus?

Open text report: goal setting — not only to show seventy-three percent voted for the world that ze is trying to keep his promises, but hinder him, poor thing, and Natsik and terrible evil Putin personally. But to divert attention from more important Affairs.

Ncorpus to disrupt the disengagement, has long and faithfully served the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov. In Kiev the Nazis were peaceful. And those who at least theoretically could rebel — group C-14, is sent to the border of the Crimea in exactly the day of the March of Bandera. By order of the security Service of Ukraine, a long and successful roof this group of Nazis.

All Nazi-controlled group. That Zelensky is not aware of and it just goes on about them? No, he’s inside the schema: to simulate the peace process, to extract from us the consent to a meeting in “Norman format”, but, at the meeting to put the Russian Federation responsible for the failure of the arrangements.

And during the big international scandal quietly accept the law of the land. And saw the last remaining wealth of the Ukraine.

But here’s the thing. The Kremlin at the signing of the formula did not lead. And the date of the meeting refused to confirm, while Ukraine is marching on the spot, and not to the world. Avakov with Kolomoisky — they cut much more concerned about territorial integrity had to improvise. Send Biletsky on line breeding, to invent new impossible conditions for Donbass. Himself Zelensky, zanervnichal, gave a speech about the Crimea before the scheduled date.

The plan fell apart. And is a confident fashion of a peacemaker before the world was flowing around the actor, driven by a very evil greedy persons. Here’s a spectacle. Now we have to solve, Comedy or tragedy?Anatoly Wasserman

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