Forty jobs are threatened on the Michelin site in Golbey

    Forty jobs are threatened on the Michelin site in Golbey

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    Michelin size in its workforce. The management of the tire manufacturer confirmed on Wednesday its intention to cut up to 2,300 jobs in the next three years. The Golbey site in the Vosges, 470 employees, is affected by this plan. According to the South union, around 40 jobs are threatened. “This is mainly indirect labor. That is to say, employees do not produce” explains Grégory Pelletier, South delegate in Golbey.

    “We are in shock. There is a real feeling of losing your job even though we know the site has a good chance of continuing,” adds Grégory Pelletier. The unions will be fixed this Thursday at the beginning of the afternoon. They have a meeting with the management of the Golbey site. An extraordinary social and economic committee should also be held at the end of the day.

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