Found a drug that can protect from cancer and metastases

Найден препарат, спасающий от онкологии и метастазов

Metastases after successful treatment of breast cancer will soon cease to bother people. American scientists have found a way to block the so-called “dormant” cells, which can lead to the resumption of the disease after remission, reports .

This discovery was made by a group of researchers from the Institute of Purdue in Indiana. They have developed a drug called fostamatinib. It is expected that it will significantly reduce the activity of the SYK protein, which is responsible for the movement of cancer cells throughout the body.

Previously breast cancer was considered curable without it. After successful remission for patients have stopped watching. However, in recent decades doctors have come to the conclusion that after this cancer from the body, remain “dormant” cells, which after 10-20 years form another tumor.

However, the researchers believe that if patients will be cured for a long time to take fostamatinib, the negative effect of “dormant” cancer cells will not. The drug has a near-zero toxicity, so drinking it for years.

The only remaining problem, according to scientists, is that to detect the presence of residual cells after treatment of cancer is for the moment impossible. It is impossible to say with certainty that one patient needs to take medication while another doesn’t. A drinking cure for the prevention is still quite expensive and even dangerous. So now researchers have to solve this issue.

We will remind that earlier, Swiss scientists have also discovered a substance capable of preventing metastasis in breast cancer. They came up with an innovative approach to this problem: the drug doesn’t kill cells, but separates them. The drug is tested on mice.