Found a longevity gene

Найден ген долголетия

The secret of long life is hidden in the genome, found researchers from the University of Rochester (USA).

Studies have shown that the gene SIRT6 is associated with more efficient DNA repair in the species-centenarians, reports .

It is known that with age, DNA becomes more prone to tearing and damage that can lead to gene mutations and, as a consequence, the development of severe diseases (e.g., cancer) and the General aging of the organism.

One of the main reasons for these gaps is oxidative stress.

Scientists have suggested that species that exhibit long life, must have some natural protection against DNA damage.

They studied 18 species of rodents, from mice (average lifespan is three years), to naked mole rats and beavers (live more than thirty years).

It turned out that the gene SIRT6 more active, they produce proteins – more powerful.

“We found out that DNA repair occurs is better and life expectancy increased”, – concluded one of the study’s authors Professor Dirk Bohmann.

“What is our life? Game!”Найден ген долголетия“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World,” the study Authors compared different variations of SIRT6 and identified five amino acids that apparently enhance its functions.

The scientists intend to continue research with animals-superdelegates, such as bowhead whales. Studies show that they are able to reach the age of two hundred years.

They probably have an even more potent genetic protection from aging.

Experts say that scientific work can be the Foundation for the development of gene therapy capable of stopping the development of cancer and to give additional years (or decades) of life.

Earlier it was reported that British scientists slowed aging in roundworms.