Found a way to completely stop HIV transmission

Найден способ полностью остановить передачу ВИЧ

Antiretroviral therapy is able to completely eliminate the possibility of transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from person to person. This is evidenced by the results of large-scale studies involving homosexual couples, reports

In the experiment took part about a thousand homosexual couples in which only one partner was living with HIV and taken while antiretroviral drugs. In eight years none of the healthy participants in the experiment was infected with the virus.

The exceptions were 15 men who came into unprotected sex with people who have not had such therapy.

One of the leaders of the study, Professor Alison Rodgers from University College London stated that the results of the experiment indicate that antiretrovirus therapy is able to reduce to zero the chances of transmission of HIV among homosexual men.