Found a way to obtain uranium from sea water

Найден способ получать уран из морской воды

Scientists from the National laboratory of oak ridge in the United States has created a polymer that allows to produce from sea water uranium compounds. For other chemicals it is not responding, reports .

It is known that every ton of water contains about three milligrams of uranium. This figure is at first glance not very impressive.

“What is our life? Game!”Найден способ получать уран из морской воды“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” But the total reserves of this substance in all the oceans amount to four billion tonnes, which is a thousand times more than all land-based sources, reports Nature Communications.

Scientists explained that the river over millions of years washed away rocks containing uranium, from the soil and carried them into the ocean. Such amount of raw material of humanity may be enough for a few thousand years – if it can find a way to use it.

Work in this direction is conducted since the 1960-ies. A substance that can capture ions of uranium, must be not only effective but also safe for the environment and inexpensive.

A few years ago, experts began to use the materials on the basis of amidoximes, but they had a significant disadvantage – along with the uranium they captured and vanadium.

The authors of the new development decided to seek the assistance of nature. They found that bacteria and fungi are extracted from the environment of the iron with the help of special substances called siderophore, and created their artificial counterpart.

This polymer has already proved its effectiveness during the experimental tests. It does not capture other metals, non-toxic and can be recycled and reused.

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