Found a way to stop the development of diabetes

Найден способ остановить развитие диабета

Scientists of the University of Exeter in the UK found an unexpected cause of diabetes and came to the conclusion that a dangerous disease can be reversed.

The study was first conducted on animals and on human cells.

Experts managed to establish that diabetes changes the function of beta cells, according to

Normally, they produce insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels.

“What is our life? Game!”Найден способ остановить развитие диабета“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” But in pathological cases, some of them stop and begin to produce somatostatin – a substance that blocks the action of other hormones, including insulin.

This is due to a failure in the system “messages”, which cells are exchanged with the help of RNA molecules. Such “messages” programmed cell proteins to specific actions.

In the previous scientific work of the British scientists found that patients with type 1 diabetes remains a small amount insulinproducing cells. But the environment affected by the disease organism can be toxic to them.

It was believed that in type 2 diabetes the beta cells die under the influence of their microenvironment.

But in fact, as shown by recent data, the cells are not collapsed, and has taken on the role of the Delta cells, which produce different type of hormones.

This phenomenon was found only in the analysis of human cells as in mice with no success.

In the next stage of the study, the researchers were able to reverse dangerous changes in cellular functions in reverse, by placing cells from a pathological to a normal environment, or (second option) restoring regulatory genes and samples of RNA messages.

The discovery could point to new ways of treating diabetes, said the authors.

Previously, scientists identified five non-obvious signs of diabetes. So, be wary when you change of skin, long healing of wounds and cuts, and excessive sweating unusually vivid dreams at night.