Found powerful and natural means of combating symptoms of menopause

Найдено мощное и натуральное средство борьбы с симптомами менопаузы

Extract from soybeans called an excellent alternative to hormone replacement therapy. In the study, he has shown the ability to resist the tides.

The soybean extract may be in the near future a good alternative to hormone replacement therapy in terms of dealing with this common symptom of menopauselike hot flashes. For many years, a number of women refuses to GRT out of fear to face with tumors of the breast and uterus. According to statistics, in Russia, the hormone replacement therapy is resorted to not more than 10% of women who entered into menopause. All of them would like to find a non-hormonal replacement pills, and it is possible that it will be soy.

In the study, three-quarters of 2 500 women who received the pills based on the extract of soy as hormone replacement therapy, are faced with a reduction in the number of tides. Previously, they were experiencing these menopause symptoms on a daily basis. A similar number of women with these pills have experienced relief from symptoms such as pain in the head, muscles and joints. In General, the use of drugs based on the extract from soybeans has led to a significant relief of menopause symptoms, while not causing the effect of the growth of malignant cells in the breast or the lining of the uterus.



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