Found the owner of the oldest in America’s DNA

Найден обладатель древнейшей в Америке ДНК

The American company CRI Genetics, which specializiruetsya on genetic tests, found the owner of the most ancient in America’s DNA.

Alvin Crawford turned to the experts to learn about the origin of his family. It turned out that his DNA can be traced in 55 generations, with an unprecedented 99% accuracy, according to .

Genetic testing has restored the history of the ancestors of Crawford for 17 000 years.

“What is our life? Game!”Найден обладатель древнейшей в Америке ДНК“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Scientists have found that its ancestors migrated across the Bering land bridge (the isthmus of land between the Eurasia and North America) during the ice age.

Unfortunately, the man died suddenly of a heart attack before the completion of the study, but managed to learn the basic results.

DNA showed that Crawford belonged to haplogroup B2 mtDNA, very common in South-Western America.

Probably his ancestors moved from Asia to South America and then moved North.

According to the report, the DNA of Crawford 83% belonged to native Americans, and 73% – to a particular tribe (sexicom, or Blackfeet). In addition, it contained 9.8 per cent European, with 5.3% East Asian, 2% South Asian and 0.2% African genes.

Scientists say that such studies help to restore not only the private history of a specific family, but also the way the migration of entire peoples.

So, recently it became known that native Americans descended from a small group of just 250 people, among whom were immigrants from Siberia.