Found UFO on bottom of Baltic sea

Обнаружили НЛО на дне Балтийского моря

Swedish researchers from the team Ocean X under captain Peter Lindberg found at the bottom of the Baltic sea UFO. The alleged alien spaceship in the shape of a disk is large.

Обнаружили НЛО на дне Балтийского моря

Currently, scientists searches for only 5% of the World’s oceans, covering 70% of the Earth’s surface. In 2011, the authors of the project Ocean X held at depth in the Baltic sea for several months. During this time, they found similar to the UFO subject, informs

Researchers analyzed the finding and came to the conclusion that the material from which it is made, not found in earthly nature. Some researchers have named the object the submarine of the Nazis, as on this territory the Third Reich could carry out their tests.

Other scientists have suggested that researchers found alien ship, but the evidence for this hypothesis is not.

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