Four Greek Metropolitan demanded to gather a pan-Orthodox Council

Четыре греческих митрополита потребовали собрать всеправославный собор

CC BY 2.0 / Arian Zwegers /Four Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church wrote an open letter to the primates of the churches calling on them to gather a pan-Orthodox Council to discuss the Ukrainian problem. The text published on the website letter was signed by Metropolitan Dryinoupolis and Konizeski Andreas, Piraeus Seraphim, Seraphim Kiparsky, Kosmas Kosmas aetolos. Earlier they were opposed to the recognition of the autocephaly of the non-canonical Church structure in Ukraine, created by the dissenters.The letter States that it is the duty of bishops and primates is to “preserve, not a violation of the canonical ecclesiological and liturgical unity of the Church.” Metropolitan also reminded that the Orthodox Church is Catholic.
The priests indicate that in the case of the Ukrainian Autocephalous completely baseless claim that has been successfully restoring the unity of the Church with the introduction of her unrepentant deprived of dignity, anathematized and do not have the ordination of schismatics. At the same time, this led to the termination of ecclesiastical communion with the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Onufry and the Russian Orthodox Church, the letter said.For each sacrament necessary Apostolic succession, the metropolitans, referring to numerous Holy canons, the decisions of councils and research scholars. In the case of a new Church structure in Ukraine, it is broken.Metropolitans, referring to “decisions” Bartholomew to withdraw the Tomos 1686 on the transfer of Ukraine to the jurisdiction of the Russian Church, wrote that Bartholomew himself has recognized the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, as he wrote in a letter to Patriarch Alexis.
The Greek clergy has criticized attempts to present the Patriarch of Constantinople as the head of all Orthodoxy, pointing out that as “first in honor” for example, he presides over the councils. But all the primates of the local Orthodox churches are equal in honor, “they differ only in order (sequence) of honor,” the letter reads.The Metropolitan wrote that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Patriarchate, it was recognized by the whole Orthodoxy, is recorded in “Calendars”, “Diptychs” and “Yearbooks” local Orthodox churches”All without a single exception, the local Autocephalous Orthodox churches and Patriarchates recognize that the Church is under the jurisdiction of Moscow. All without a single exception, the Church considered the sole canonical Metropolitan of Kiev Onufriy, who is accountable to the Russian Church,” — said in a letter to the Metropolitan of that reference many historical documents.They recall that until the summer of 2018 “Calendars of the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” wrote canonical subordination of the Ukrainian Church of Moscow.”None of the links that Kiev submits to the Church of Constantinople,” say the metropolitans.
The letter also States that Constantinople had no right to interfere in the jurisdiction of Moscow.Metropolitan write that should as soon as possible to gather a pan-Orthodox Council to discuss this problem and in order to prevent the rupture of ecclesiastical communion with unpredictable consequences for the whole of Orthodoxy.At the end of 2018 at the initiative of the Ukrainian authorities and the Patriarchate of Constantinople was created by the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU), formed by the merger of two schismatic structures. Received from Patriarch Bartholomew the Tomos “autocephaly”, in fact she was almost completely dependent on him. After that the ROC ceased to Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In 2019, Ukrainian dissenters acknowledged the Greek and Alexandrian Orthodox Church.

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