Four methods of manipulation of the masses

Четыре метода манипуляции масс

1. “Eyewitnesses” of the events.

Are alleged eyewitnesses who so sincerely misleading information, previously transmitted them manipulators, passing it off as your own.

The name of such “eyewitnesses” often hidden in the alleged conspiracy, or is a false name that, along with falsified information, nevertheless achieves the effect of the audience, because the effect on the unconscious of the individual, causing the intensity of the feelings and emotions that result in censorship of the psyche is weakened and therefore may miss information that is not identifying that it was bogus.

Четыре метода манипуляции масс

2. The image of the enemy.

By artificially creating threats and consequently the passions, masses are immersed in a state similar to ASC (altered States of consciousness). The result of such masses easier to manage.

Четыре метода манипуляции масс

3. Shift of emphasis.

In this case, there is a conscious shift of emphasis within the submitted material, and that is not entirely desirable for the manipulators is submitted into the background, and displayed the opposite – they need.

Четыре метода манипуляции масс

4. The use of “opinion leaders”.

In this case, manipulating the mass consciousness is based on the fact that when performing any action, individuals are guided by opinion leaders. As leaders of opinion there may be a variety of shapes, which became authoritative for a certain category of the population.Puppeteer

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