Four moments of Krivorozhane. How Yuzik friends and I shared a hometown Zelensky and discussed the Deputy Minister Kletino

Четыре мгновения Криворожгейта. Как Юзик с друзьями делили родной город Зеленского и обсуждали замминистра Клитину

Krivoy Rog. Photo Wikipedia20 November was published the fourth entry in the framework of Krivorozhane scandal, which erupted after the publication of a series of audio recordings of conversation between the members of the “public Servants” during a dinner in a Krivoy Rog restaurant “Okolitsa”. The talk was recorded September 25, 2019, but released almost two months later. In them deputies and local police to discuss the protection of law enforcement, control of criminal cases for scrap, buy a local TV station, and the appointment of Deputy Minister of infrastructure Oleksandra Clytini, hinting that she could hold the position of “through the bed”. Versed in the details of Krivorozhane.

Record # 1. The roof for the police and the case with scrap metal

The first record was released on November 18. It was published by people’s Deputy “public Servants” Anton Polyakov, who was about to be expelled from the faction. Her “public servants” discussed the appointment of chief of police in his hometown of Vladimir Zelensky and promised police political roof in Kiev and protection from the Prosecutor’s office and the RRT.

By the “Servants of the people” was attended by people’s Deputy Vladimir Zakharchenko, Vladlen Neklyudov, Yury Kisel, Yelena Krivorutskiy (heroine sex scandal in Parliament), Vyacheslav Medianik (another hero SMS scandal), Yuri Kravchenko “Yuzik” and his wife Tatiana.

From the police – chief police Dnipropetrovsk Volodymyr Gurchenko and the applicant for the position of chief of the police of Krivoi Rog – Sergey Lukashov (now he has headed Krivoy Rog netpolicy).

The entire conversation boiled down to the fact that “public servants” personally to be controlling, what matters and how to behave as police. The deputies repeatedly that “their roof is holding” the President of Ukraine, and therefore, instruct the police officials to keep a direct relationship with them, elaborating specific procedure for communications – including an urgent visit to Kiev and communication in the offices of Parliament, are protected from eavesdroppers.

“Servants of the people”, according to the record, personally, want to control all the criminal business and collecting scrap metal and other interesting from a corruption point of view topics.

Transcript of conversation:

Yuzik: I want to introduce myself, I’m Yuri Kravchenko, representative Zelensky in Krivoy Rog. We held elections, first round, second round, parliamentary. This Is Yuri, Yuri Jelly. He spisochnik. I’m 33 th district, two district – Central urban and metals. Vladimir Zakharchenko…

Thus, the member, also for 31 the district is in the Northern areas – Tarnowska and Basil. Glory Medianik – the Dnepropetrovsk, 26th district (it corrected: 27). I still remember, the 27th.

Well, he is in Dnipropetrovsk, just came to know, perhaps, Vladimir, you. He was in the Committee between law enforcement bodies, Vova, too, and Vladlen Neklyudov, as they say, a well-known employee of Prosecutor’s office, singing to Him.

We are all aware the city of Krivoy Rog, which is 10 years under the influence of one force is Vilkul and others like them, and the last 5 years wedged here comrade Moustache, which was close to Yury Vitalyevich Lutsenko, so he is down with it all.

Remark: Not only here. In the field.

COP: what about them? What… What is with them a policy of economic nature? He’s more… How to communicate? Diplomatic should be some… Yes.

Remark: We can sit down and discuss this situation in a nutshell.

Yuzik: And let you someone to present a show in Kiev. The Prosecutor’s office, in the RRG. They’ll tell Cho you something illegal. Do it on my command. And we look, and we will support (collectively speak indistinctly).

Remark: there is not even need our presence. We’re in the city of the President, we’re all here… If some God forbid… then all hands will be atroveny on the neck. We have in the political support of our entire party is not the same as 100 and 101 percent.

Policeman: And I who will not say anything, to shut all this trash and all.

Yuzik: You have nothing to fear.

Remark: this is what you told us, and we tell you, believe me. Behind us, I say again, the President…

Yuzik: Still there, all the heads of departments say, well, there’re a team. There means it should show on you and you need me. That is, if so show it’s head from his shoulders.

DBR is the same story, the Prosecutor’s DBR, the Prosecutor General, with the Trumpet Vladlen (to resolve issues – Ed.), I’m here.

Remark: Who will the prosecutors to interfere, the Pipe will make.

Yuzik: awkward questions, about scrap metal … we consult.

Record # 2. The scandal with the Deputy Minister of Clytini

The second record’s deputies and police to discuss the person of the Deputy Minister of infrastructure Oleksandra Clytini, hinting that she had made his position “through the bed”.

In the Ministry of infrastructure Alexander Klitina were still in 2015, and was counselor Minister Andrei Pivovarova. Eventually, she was appointed Director of the group will support reforms in the Ministry, which is funded by the European Union. There she worked until September 2018. And almost exactly a year back into the structure just to the position of Deputy Minister. According to rumors, Klitina was in a romantic relationship with Hugh Mingarelli, the former EU representative in Ukraine.

Transcript of conversation:

“While the women are gone, can I show you what we have a Deputy Minister. Klitina Sasha. She asked, anxious.


Wow! This is amazing!

– That’s appointed, she wanted to be Deputy!


Is called, I am pure before you

Well, of course, neeee, a good friend

Someone’s got 5 children?

– You have there I wonder

– Savchenko and where?

We in the gallery and with the girls there Ho-Ho. Well, in OPSG there is difficult, there for they are such that…

– Well, obviously”.

After the publication of the recordings broke even Dean scandal. The Joker the Joker talked to the Deputy Minister on behalf of the person. close to the President, and then published the correspondence with Clytini. In it she said that her boss Crickley “twists, sickened with tenders”, and in the Ministry there are people of Akhmetov and Kolomoisky.

Its purpose through the bed of the Minister categorically denied.

Entry No. 3. Information warfare and purchase channel

The third excerpt of the conversation was devoted to “information war” and attempts to put the control of the First city channel in Krivoy Rog. His plan to buy out current owners and to be financed from the plant “Arcelo Mittal Krivoy Rog”. Figured the amount of 600-700 thousand hryvnias a month on the patch and the contents of the channel.

The conversation was attended by Vladimir Overchenko, chief of the regional police of Dnipropetrovsk, Yuri Kravchenko (“Yuzik”), Vladlen Neklyudov and other people’s deputies from “public Servants”. “Country” published a full transcript of the third record.

A transcript:

Gurchenko: a Man came to me and said: Mr G., my first will be what I will face, this is an information war.

Male voice: Yes. Yes. The dirt will be shed precisely because because Neklyudova have already started to pour. We have become accustomed to. On Jura, pour not because he particularly elections in the city were not…

Another male voice: And I was afraid. (Laughter) Well, to be honest. But I’m not for that. I support brought to the Office of the President (inaudible)… because of the Moustache (ex-MP of Krivoy Rog – Ed.) on your site sells. Sells cheaply.

Female voice: “the First city” sells.

Nekludov: Channel, Yes. “First city” channel.

Remark: There is the “Rudana” (local TV channel – Ed.) but there is a “First city”. “Rudana” is a municipal channel. But in fact it is completely on the other side (on the side of the mayor of Kryvyi Rih Yuriy Vilkul – Ed.).

Male voice: I went to the Office of the President, and the President’s Office said that we ourselves create. I say: this was created over five million.

Remark: And they form some opinions…

Male voice: And you to you more is the most in the elections, it will be useful. I he nafig not needed.

Yuzik: No, he and the elections will come in handy in the future.

Male voice: not necessary to Take I say I’ll do anything to KMC it has financed. Salary, the channel’s content is 600-700 thousand hryvnia per month.

Entry No. 4. As “public servants” shared Krivoy Rog

The fourth part relates to how the police should hold communication with the new government. Especially how to behave to the new chief of the police of Krivoi Rog Sergei Lukashov. And who oversees MPs what topics in the city.

A transcript:

Yuzik: …in that time we spoke with Vladimir, that we have Vladimir Zakharchenko – he did the former, well, the former does not happen, and now people’s Deputy, the employee pravoohoronn system, retired in 2006.

Zakharchenko: (chimes in and says inaudible) Actually… the city of crime. But I without unnecessary boasting will say this: I’m here, I may say so, a hundred percent not just ready, I will meet people who will tell the real camp stuff. Who is doing what. Now it so happened that I’m meeting a former criminal authorities, they are now respectable businessmen, in conversation with me, saying, Vladimir, well, even we did, and now do your colleagues. Troshkov wrong is the phrase “protects”. They don’t protect, they head. I say frankly.

Remark: They are the organizers of all these movements.

Zakharchenko: That is, the Yaqui people vlazhivayut your money, yaki vlazhivayut in the sale of drugs, scrap metal, and so on. They don’t get rolled back. It is their business.

Remark: And illegal patronage.

Zakharchenko: All. All.

Remark: the Person that our…

Second voice: Well, let’s recap what?

Third voice: Will about life and not about work.

— (a new piece of writing)

Gurchenko: And we can chat or not?

Second voice: Yes, normal

Gurchenko: …That was not there, that won Lukashov (head of the police of Krivoi Rog – Ed.) already talking to the principal, roughly speaking…

Remark: it needs right now to communicate with him…

Gurchenko: I clarify to understand. I’m not going to call anyone. Someone needs to call one. I was there as a Manager and someone on your side.

Male voice: If communication is needed for KMC (Krivorozhstal – Ed.)…

Gurchenko: Well, let’s say, I’ll call you all. He (Lukasova – Ed.) need someone specifically Krivoy Rog, I think he (Zakharchenko – Ed.).

Yuzik: I think Volodya.

Male voice: It’s in Krivoy Rog, it’s not business, right?

Gurchenko: well, I mean that he (Lukashov – Ed.) the post did not get over the ignorance.

Male voice: (inaudible) your… Arrives he meets directly and leaves in 2 hours, nobody knows about it, and I have (inaudible) in the office through Therefore, communication with KMC please here. Yes? The police, in law enforcement, it’s Vladimir (Zakharchenko – Ed.), he is a super. The mining companies – I do not take the Ore.

Gurchenko: the Economy we will discuss.

Male voice: Yes.

Gurchenko: So he’s not sewn up here in terms of what … because the dill is all it will kill. It needs no one to depend on.

Male voice: you Have carte Blanche.

Another voice: you Have a roof!

The reaction and consequences

After the publication of the records of the people’s Deputy Anton Poles appealed to the RRT and the NEB a statement about the necessity to check for possible committing a crime of some members of the “Servant of the people”. About the Poles said “the Country” and showed the relevant documents.

Speech in the letter goes about the negotiations between the representatives of the faction “servant of the people” and police authorities in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Chef Alexandra Clytini caught in a scandal, the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley stated that the credibility of his Deputy declined after the prank the Joker.

“He is a bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a General. This is commendable, but not in this way. But we will discuss it with her when Alexandra returns from a business trip, because, of course, credibility is falling because of these things. But it is a problem of my relationship with her,” said the Minister to journalists.

However, he said that the words of his Deputy regarding the fact that the Ministry “is something muddy with tenders for locomotives” are not true.

“The last locomotives were bought during the Omelyana when GE signed the contract… Now he considered several options on future contracts. It is the French again, the Americans, but they all offer is not very interesting price offer” – said Crickley.

About Krivorozhye expressed former head of the party “servant of the people”, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov. During his working visit to Dnipro on 20 November, he said that while the fraction of “scandalous conversation” was going. According to him, if they confirm that the law was violated, it will be tested.

“We still have to verify the authenticity of the audio recordings from the restaurant of Krivoy Rog and to listen to comments from participants in this entry… Let’s wait until the prospective participants of this meeting to confirm or deny the fact that it took place,” said Razumkov.

The people’s Deputy Yuriy Kravchenko (Yuzik) confirmed a meeting with the participation of Dnipropetrovsk chief of police and deputies from the “public Servants”.

“We said, very worried about Krivoy Rog. On us a great responsibility. Want everything to be according to the law: the fight against drug trafficking, illicit gaming halls, as well as illegal points of reception of metal. To all law enforcement agencies worked together. That’s all,” said Kravchenko.

After the promulgation of the audio recordings from the meeting, he said he had not discussed the situation with President Vladimir Zelensky and leaders of the “Servant of the people”.

“No, we are not appointed and not claimed. We as MPs have no such rights. Candidate Lukashova appeared through the Ministry of internal Affairs, namely the head of the regional UVD (Administration of internal Affairs in the Dnepropetrovsk region – Ed.)”, said Kravchenko.

The Deputy also commented on the possibility of opening criminal proceedings against the “servants of the people”. “No threats on the involvement of other law enforcement bodies was not. I said, if you cannot act according to the law, the act can other organs.” Answering the question, can it be regarded as a warning to the leadership of the police, Kravchenko said, “No, I never told you so.”

What does the “Krivorozhgas”

We note that the most actively disperse these records MPs who are related to the so-called “group of Kolomoisky.”

According to our sources at the presidential administration, they have recently escalating conflict with close friends Zelensky (the so-called group Quarters, which applies Yuzik). The struggle is for control over flows and entire regions. In particular, in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Apparently, the episode of this struggle and are merged records. In addition, a separate strike in the Ministry of infrastructure, where the interests of Kolomoisky are taken into account to a lesser extent than the interests of Akhmetov. As the way of dialogue clytini the princedom.Source

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