Four rules NAP

Четыре правила дневного сна

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania refuted the myth about the dangers of daytime sleep and called four simple rules to receive holiday benefits. The study appeared in the thematic edition.

Philosopher Philip Herman said that the second half of the day, most people encounter sleepiness. The problem can be solved via a short afternoon rest. Daytime sleep will help to strengthen the inner reserves of the organism, raise immunity, improve creativity and mood, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Not to knock the biorhythms, you must follow simple rules. First, on vacation you can take exactly 90 minutes. Otherwise, man runs the risk of waking up “broken”. Second, between training and sleep must pass two hours. Thirdly, it is better to relax in the same hours. Fourth, because of the special circadian rhythm of daytime sleep is required not for everyone, so if there is no need, don’t force the body to fall into slumber.

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