Fox News: after the “Regata” impeachment was inevitable — voters Democrats wanted blood

Fox News: после «рашагейта» импичмент был неизбежен — электорат демократов жаждал крови

Over the years the investigation of “collusion” trump with Russia, Democrats brought their supporters to such a frenzy that to abandon the idea of impeachment after that it was impossible, says Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson. According to him, the Democrats are building on impeachment is absurd judgments about the need to quarrel with Russia for the sake of “security” of the US. Arrived! After months of false starts, endless threats and posturing of some of the most dull and useless people in America, impeachment, apparently close. If at the last minute, nothing cool will not change, and this cannot be ruled out, in less than a day Donald trump will join Andrew Johnson and bill Clinton, becoming the third President of the United States, to whom the house of representatives has impeached. It is currently expected that the final vote will take place tomorrow afternoon.

The Democrats promised to do it when the President has not yet managed to elect. But the fact that it finally happens, it still feels like something strange, surprising, even surreal. Why? Because impeachment and nobody is arguing — this is very bad for the country. At the moment there is no doubt that to eliminate the President the Democrats can not afford, and trying to do it, they will only hurt themselves, as clearly evidenced by survey data. The interesting thing is that they still do it!

Listen as Congressman from Maryland Jamie Raskin explains why they do it.

JAMIN RUSKIN, US Congressman: Continuing the President’s behavior presents a clear and present danger to democracy in America. We can’t allow this dishonest behavior he got away with it. It would be a betrayal of our Constitution, our foreign policy, our national security and our democracy.

Let’s follow the logic chain can be, you will notice the missing link. Here is his reasoning: to keep the President in office, while voters will decide whether they want to change it is, and I quote, “a danger to democracy.” It is, and I quote, “a betrayal of our Constitution.” Yeah.

Remember, what crime is the basis of this impeachment? What is the President accused of? If you have forgotten, let me remind you of Donald trump accused that he may have delayed military assistance to the government of Ukraine. Keep in mind, the only purpose of helping the government of Ukraine is to incite enmity in relations with Russia. Keep in mind that Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world. But, if you believe Jamie Raskin, not to give weapons to Ukraine — means to create “clear and present danger” to America! This, he says, “betrayal of our national security” — even for a moment, to suspend our incessant attacks on Russia! Hmm… a Striking statement. Hard to believe that he could defend it in a reasonable conversation. But in the current standards of political rhetoric, it is even not highlighted. Suddenly, these conversations became a lot.

In fact, the whole Saga of impeachment is now divorced from reality. Here are the simple facts: the Democrats do not have votes to remove the President of trump from office, they will never have enough votes. The meaning of impeachment to remove the President from office, and that they can not do. Has not yet begun, this process is already doomed. And, by the way, the votes they have because this is not supported by voters. The irony is that our democracy is working as it should.

In fact, voters support (the impeachment. — Inotv) less than before. After a month of public hearings on impeachment, the Democrats have not acquired, and lost supporters. At the end of October, when it started, impeachment was supported by almost half the country, and 44 percent opposed. The latest polls have the impression that now everything is exactly the opposite. In other words, the more people know about the impeachment, the less I wanted impeachment. It’s not one person’s opinion, it is the totality of surveys. The numbers speak for themselves. However, even in the face of all of these data are the elite of the Democratic party is still not willing to admit it. They literally went into denial!

Look, as a propagandist for the Democratic party Jeffrey Tubin criticizes the surveys conducted by his company, when the results do not coincide with his ideas about how it should be.

DAVID CHALIAN, political Director of CNN: compared to our previous survey noticeable decrease in support (of impeachment. — Inotv) among Democrats from 90 to 77 percent.

JEFFREY TUBIN, senior analyst for CNN on legal issues: I would say my twin brother that I don’t believe this question…

ALISYN CAMEROTA, host of CNN: What exactly don’t you believe?

JEFFREY TUBIN: FROM 90 to 77 percent. I just don’t believe. Totally illogical, that this figure is so changed… Life has shown us that sometimes polls are wrong. And this poll is wrong, David. Because I said so, okay?

“Why don’t you believe?” “Because I don’t believe! Because I look out the window and see the horizon. Means (Land. — Inotv) flat! You can tell me that the Earth is round, but I just don’t believe it! Enough of your stupid numbers and your scientific theories. I just don’t believe it!” — analyst on legal issues. Yeah. Only what you saw, of course, as one man dropped, but it’s not just that. This clearly corresponds to the definition of ideological extremism: failing to change course, what would you say are the facts.

Now, this is not the politics of it, of course, long gone. It is a religion. And, of course, since we are talking about the Democratic party and her religion, she’s always the opposite of what they say she is.

As the President said trump in a recent letter to Nancy Pelosi: “It’s you interfering in American elections. That you are undermining American democracy. It you carry the pain and suffering of our Republic for the sake of your own selfish benefits — personal, political and party”. End quote. And the public, she likes trump or not, I agree with that! This polls show.

But the Democrats to admit it can’t. They are stuck. In 2016 they struggled scolded trump — remember that was before the election? — and every one of his supporters, you as outrageous racists who to hate. Not to convince, not to talk to them, and to hate and drive away. And sometimes subjected to physical violence.

But they still lost. And after losing, did not want to learn from this lesson. Wouldn’t even briefly think about the possible reasons for his defeat. Instead, they seamlessly went from “racism” to “Russian” conspiracy theory — a theory so wild that they never could even in General terms to explain. You ask: “What are you talking about?” They answered: “Russia!!!” Yeah.

It all collapsed as you saw live. But what remains unchanged is the storm of fury that they have created through years of propaganda. They brought their constituents to such a frenzy that they can’t hold they want your blood. So the Democrats have nothing left but to March forward. Even though it will inevitably destroy them, and they know it. It’s almost painful to watch.

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