Fox News: impeachment hearings trump almost exhausted, and that Democrats horrifying

Fox News: слушания по импичменту Трампа почти выдохлись, и это демократов приводит в ужас

Congressional Democrats begin another investigation against trump: this time they try to figure out, did not lie if the President spectracolor Mueller, who led the “Russian business”, according to Fox Business. According to a leading TV channel’s trish Regan, this suggests that the opponents trump is dissatisfied with the hearings on Ukraine and seek to bring impeachment new life.This just will not end! Democrats in the house of representatives, conscious of the futility of his impeachment hearings, trying another tactic. Today we can confirm that the house of representatives begins another investigation, and not whether the President lied (spectracolor. — Inotv) Robert Muller?I know, I know! Impeachment hearings played out, and they (the Democrats. — Inotv) trying to be creative. The only problem: this move is not creative, it is the same! They still that the group has lost its former luster top managers in loss-making giant that has lost its former luster company that is trying to pursue the same old plan to breathe life into your business, but for some reason can’t understand the reasons for their failures. We now appear to see the last days Eastman Kodak, and the leaders of the corporations wonder why no one buys film in the digital age. So now it looks like Democrats! This step shows what ideas they have. And you know what? They just terrified!

Good evening everyone! In the Studio, trish Regan.

A new day — a new investigation. All because the big show (the Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence. — Inotv) Schiff is not as successful as we would like. And we all know that these guys are only interested in one thing, right?

DINA TITUS, Congressman: I think the house will do, and I want to impeach the bastard now!

RASHID TLAIB, US Congressman: “…bullies don’t win,” And I said, “never win, baby, because we will go and announce m…ku impeachment!”

MAXINE WATERS, a U.S. Congressman: I will fight every day until he gets impeached! The impeachment of the 45 th (President of the United States. — Inotv)!

It was assumed that it would come to this hearing, right? It was assumed that they are mobilizing the public against President trump, thereby ensuring that the Democrats win in 2020. But what do you know! According to Reuters, 36 percent independent — and this is the most important category of voters has ceased to follow the hearings. They don’t even look. This is what worries Democrats. Maybe they don’t want to talk about it in front of the cameras, but some supporters of reconciliation is acknowledged. That said, our anchor Maria Bartiromo is a member of the house of representatives van drew.

JEFF VAN DREW, US Congressman: Some of them quietly in private conversations
discuss your concern. The anxiety is definitely there. You know, on the street I hear…

MARIA BARTIROMO, host of Fox Business: Yes.

JEFF VAN DREW: …most people are tired, they’re weary, they’re bored. Most. And they really want to leave it behind unless something new and amazing. Interchange is known to us.


And you know what? The enthusiasm on the democratic side. So President Trump is not worth it to give evidence, even in writing, as requested (speaker of the house of representatives. — Inotv) Nancy Pelosi. He doesn’t want to give any legitimacy to this process or to increase their television audience. Remember after all, what is all this? In order to undo the will of the voters! On the basis of rumors and gossip, on the basis of all interpretiruya people in the “deep state.”

We saw the transcript, both of you. So, to go from “I wish you have done me a kindness, because we have here in the US, it is…” to the conclusion that the President was not going to provide Ukraine with the help of nearly $ 400 million, if Ukraine does not do what he wanted… It’s just a giant jump! And you mean to tell me that on the basis of this giant leap, you would impeach the President? The left is trying to impose this idea, but you know what? They obviously don’t even know where to start!

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