Fox News: in the United States again blocked a resolution on the Armenian genocide

Fox News: в США вновь заблокировали резолюцию о геноциде армян

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina on Wednesday blocked a resolution of the U.S. Congress that would recognize the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. This happened a few hours after meeting U.S. President Donald trump with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.According to the newspaper The Hill, Graham argued the refusal of consideration of the resolution that senators should not “embellish the story or try to rewrite it.” Representatives of the Senator at the request of Fox News did not answer.Senator Bob Menendez from new Jersey supported the adoption of the resolution which officially acknowledged the killing of more than a million Armenians from 1915 to 1923. “The foreign policy of the United States must be fair in reflecting the human rights violations, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and forms of genocide. We can’t turn away from the Armenian victims of genocide,” he said, reports The Hill.The U.S. house of representatives overwhelmingly (405 — “for”, 11 — “against”) adopted a resolution on the recognition of the Armenian genocide last month. A member of the house of representatives from Minnesota Ilhan Omar said that for the US it is also important to recognize its role in the deaths of millions of indigenous peoples of [America] and the slave trade.Turkey has long disputed the term “genocide”, calling the death toll is inflated counting the dead and victims of war. Similar resolutions were introduced in the previous administrations, but none of them was never adopted.Opponents argue that the recognition of the Armenian genocide may arouse anger Turkey, an important ally whom the United States rely on in the sphere of ensuring stability in the region.”I just met with [Turkish President] Erdogan and President [USA] trump and talked about the problems we are facing in Syria due to the military invasion of Turkey. I hope that Turkey and Armenia can work together to solve this problem,” said Graham, speaking in the Senate.The resolution was carried [in the house of representatives] on the background of tense relations between Washington and Ankara due to Turkish military operations in Syria after trump withdrew American forces from the area. Last month, lawmakers voted for a bipartisan bill on sanctions against Turkey, and condemnation of its invasion of Syria.Graham criticized the withdrawal of American troops from the region and urged trump to reconsider its decision.

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